Black Poetry : street soldiers (just playin around)


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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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Stepped down into the tunnels Waiting the train to go by
To take my to my next mission my destiny into your mental

As the tunnels rumble from the banging of the trains, clanging
along the tracks, people hustlin’ round trying to be the first in
the cars like they some kinda superstars I just sit back for the
letter on the side is no Symbol for my final destination…B train

So I sit a while looking at the homeless man bumming change
for some food, young couples trying to sneak in a kiss of two,
talking about what they getting into and the man in the suit
Reading his paper while hugging the clip under Hie left arm
(like don’t nobody notice he packin’)

All the while I’m sittin back kickin at the rats tryin to steal my meal
out my bag while it rest on my back wishin the train would hurry up.
A” train always late and thinkin about where I gonna go today…

The ground under my feet began to tremble as the train makes It
presence know in the midst of all this drama and I noticed That the
cars are empty; did this one just start, are we the first Stop of the day?
Naw something strange about the “A” train taking me to my destination;

I wait for the doors to open (gotta pull on em sometimes cuz the
Spray paint dun sealed em shut) and look in to see three brothers
Chilling inside. One sittng back in a lean, one boot up on the seat
Slicing an apple with the blade from his pocket while another just
Lounging on the rail reading the Tribune with hie flight ticket hanging
Out his pocket and in the corner away from them all sits a brother
Deep in his book never looking up but always knowing whats goin on

The driver speaks up and for the first time I can understand when he
Says “Next stop…Destee” letting me know that this train going into
The hood with all the goods the brother can bring and I asked the bro
With the boots, “Where’s Bishop, GQ, baller, and the rest?” blakverb
Looks up from his book and says, “We on or way to get ‘em”

“What about the ladies?” $$$RICH$$$ says, “No need today cuz we’s
about to bring da heat from da streets today…” and with the So’ja puts
his foot down on the floor and kneels forward to place his elbows on
his knees and spoke to me, “Yo, you where but are you with us?”

I reached down, tied up my Timbs, wiped off the front and said,
“No doubt son, let’s do this…”

urban scribes about to bring da heat…if you know about this train let
me hear ya…

lovededid it

yes dun you know i'm ready to meet some real cool brotha

there's no more "B" train it's the "W" now cause they're repairing the Manhattan Bridge so the "B" won't be back until 2004
just to update you

but definitey loved it we gonna link up b-4 you know it


and you ALWAYS have my respect
you earned it by right

i hate the train man everyday people pushing so you can have 'em dawg man i ride the A the D and the 4 and it ain't pretty but then again most of my travel is during rush hour when half of NY is riding so what can you do

back to your piece yea $$RICH$$, BISHOP, BLAKVERB, YOU, ME, um gyspyman, um i can't think of nobody else but if they real and they want to join us they can't if i had the room i would invite everybody up to Brooklyn but i have an apartment. and you know the size of city apartments unless you living on the 37 floor of trump plaza then you have about 35,000 sq feet to you disposal as well as 4million dollars a month rent..

Peace as ALWAYS, dun

ps i getting ready to head home on the 4
so wish me luck


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