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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
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Where is the woman who swam on the lake of
hatred...did she make it out alive only to dry off
her cast with the towels of damp misery?

And where is the woman who sang sad songs
on the sea of love...did she cry herself into a deep
sleep and drown?

What about the woman who carefully watched the
negative attitudes float care/effort/less-ly into the
ocean filled with envy...did she positively change
and navigate her way from the bottom up?

Maybe that person was at one time ME~
Yes, true indeed
all of these women combined
together were once
living together
until I filtered
and drained
all that was
out of my being
streams of consciousness
and now
I reside
the river of atonement


With my pen put to rest and my mind free to reply I can think about fruitful reponses as opposed to the "boxed" up comments and thoughts. On that note I'll respond to this piece.

There are times when we must look at the gifts God gives us and utilize them for the purpose he granted them to us. One of his gifts to you is your poetic talent and your ability to convey your voice to pad/screen and make folks "feel it." Please (I know you've considered it), the book...give it thought, no, you've done that. Put thought N2 action. Share your voice with the world.

one love,blak

You should know I always enjoy reading
your responses...whateva the form
they arrive in...I'm just glad that your
eyes have viewed pieces of me
that you may not have seen
when we connect ~ so in this
case, I've heard you and your
thoughts, you know what I have
considered...but I'm still unsure ~
"fear of the unknown" is more
like it....!!

thanks for your continued

so sad your song...

As you sat
atop a sand packed boulder
I cry
you sang your wonderfully SAD, SAD SONG
I felt your pain
Deep down inside

As the moment
I searched your eyes
For remnants of that pain
What I sought was no longer there
No sign…
No hurt…
No shame.

It told the story of you life
…the many reasons you grieve
but when I look into your eyes
the pain would graciously leave

You wore your mask
So comfortably
I’d never know you hurt
Or was it true
You played the part
Of pain…
Because it works

As you stood
…got up to go
a tear ran down your cheek
you took a timid step or two
then turned to me
to speak

“thanks, so much
for caring enough”
you finally began to say
“for asking of a stranger
how she was…
yes, I’m having a very good day

I thought, at first
That I was cursed
And why it was that way
Why pain would come and go with others
But with me
…it came to stay
but I was wrong
it wasn’t that way
really didn’t know me
Unforeseen occurrences happen, yes
They just happen often with me”

Then you walked along that beaten path
Headed on your way
I asked if I could tag along
You said, “please, make my day.”

Never…a more gentler sound I’ve heard
Than the voice of you…that day
A sound that came from deep within
And traveled…a very long way

Sing softly
Your sad song

Only YOU....

I say thank you for
allowing me to
sing my sad songs gracious
are the ears that
listen and
respond with a
smiling soul
that lifts me up
from the depths
of hurt
to show me
that awaits
for me
well beyond
the other
side of
the fig tree

Thank you dear poet
for reciting your
spirit and
blowing a fresh
unto me!

One luv.


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