Black Entertainment : "Straight outta of Compton" offensive casting call


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Dec 18, 2014
You seem to be new to this type of environment, but here is something to consider in the future.
There are some that troll, some that dole, and some that sit on a poll, but who are you?

Don't allow others to dissuade your thought or opinion, unless they actually are given the chance to change your mind or point of view by way of reasoning and guided suggestive thinking skills.

Been on my share of online communities, and the best way to understand an internet/cyber persona, is to challenge the idea and ideals, not the person.

Once it gets "personal", that challenge loses much of its credibility.... hence, a troll.
If someone feels the need to personalize a discussion, it would also probably reflect in their RL persona as well.

You did somewhat of a respectable thing by removing that which you thought created a discord, but without discord how will we ever be able to address the discord?

So never back down from what you have to say, unless on never really meant to say it, or is not ready to articulate and respectfully agree to disagree.

At this point, nobody (other than those that felt a kind of way about what it was) knows what the "discord" was related to, so therefor we will have yet another item to fix and repair in the future.

Don't hold back, but don't turn on the oven unless you are ready to cook something, and that mean the heat has to come. ;)

If so inclined, I will have your back if one does desire to readdress what was stated... unless it truly was something "sideways", then it is what it is.

UB also is Un Biased

Thank you for the advice. It's your type I have longed to encounter in discussion forums. That fairness you carry.
I promise I won't back away again friend :thankyou:

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