Nation of Gods and Earths : STOP!!!

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    In The Name Of Allah,​
    Lord Of All Thee Worlds…​

    “Knowledge, Born- Wisdom, Cipher- Knowledge, Power/Refinement- Knowledge, Equality!!!”

    *Note: Knowledge, Culture/Freedom degree in our Supreme Alphabets is Now, Nation or End. Which in my understanding translates and defines as following; Now is a definite or set designation of time, and for the true and living here in the physical manifestation of the word made flesh. Now is the time for the God and Earth to put a End to the devil and all that comes from those Doers of Evil!!!( Devil! )…

    Because this lesson is more aimed and designed for those who acclaim to be affiliated or associated with the Nation of Gods & Earth a.k.a. Allahs’ 5%... commonly known as Five Per centers, I titled such as such. Which in translation , construe or in simpler terms is “STOP!!!” Now!!! Is the time. not tomorrow!!! To Stop the Madness!!! The dogma and all the other doctrine crap, so many of us have come to know, holdfast to and teach. Not excluding those 10% who know that such is not right in exact, yet continue to teach such fallacies. That’s what blood-suckers do, which of course is to their sole advantage. While they teach and preach such, they believe such not, and at the same time benefit to the nth. In us all there is a mechanism and means that is intone with the truth, and be we want to accept it or reject it, the fact is truth is truth and the truth is no less than the truth. It’s not about what I feel is right, but what is right. It’s time to eradicate, rid and annihilate those things that are not conducive to our growth and development, as well as those who perpetuate those things which are contributive not. STOP settling for just the next persons understanding, for that is just what it is UNDERSTANDING!!! Nothing less, and in order for it to be more, you MUST STOP!!! As well start. It time to STOP!!! The lies!!! The unsupported theories, and theologies that you can’t show and prove. As well those who taught you such didn’t and cant show and prove. It’s time to STOP!!! The traditional practices, which may have been copasetic then, but now are not. It’s time to STOP!!! The false teachings, which sound somewhat like our teachings, which is because they are founded on our teaching, nothing more. STOP!!! just quoting the lessons, and strive more and more, each and every day, to apply and live such. Time to STOP!!! Allowing the fake representatives and false representations to represent for the 5% any and every where. It’s time to Stop!!! The Injustices, for as once said by one of the great ones before us( Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ), “A Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!!!” Time to STOP allowing those who come in the same name as you and I(Allah!), those who stand under the same banner and Universal flag of the Nation Of Gods & Earths, to say whatever and do anything. Regardless to who he or she may be, or how long they have been affiliated to the Nation of Gods & Earths. Be they knew the Father Allah( …Allah the father…) or not. Regardless to who may have taught them, or what they may know, No One is above being STOP!!! Contrary to what they tell you, No! One is UnSTOPpable!!! STOP!!! Creating and expressing those stories of those who contribute greatly and dearly to the way of life we now live and love each and every day, in each and every way. Those stories which may or may not be true, but you tell such to shield your unrighteous deeds. STOP!!! Justifying and excusing, for none of us physically are perfect, accept your flaws, follies, and imperfections. Especially if they are doing that which is not in compliance to Universal law and order. Know and understand, I am not here to tell you to stop drinking, stop smoking, stop Popping pills, stop doing drugs, stop lying, nor anything of that diabolical nature. You do what you choose to do, just keep forever in mind, JUSTICE is certain and inevitable. My and those whose are alike just demand you STOP doing such in the name of Allah, trying to justify and excuse such with our teachings---- STOP!!! If and when you decide to stop drinking, sniffing, smoking, lying, etc… such must be when you choose, but as for the growth, development and propagation of the Nation Of Gods and Earths, there is no more options – STOP!!! Or be STOPPED!!! All this bull crap has been allowed to go on a long time – too Long!!! Now, is the time to STOP!!! The hypocrites as well as their hypocrisies. Those who try to use our way of life to shield their filthy affairs, and mis-understanding, with the audacity to call such understanding. STOP!!! The unconscious and conscious mis-education, and misleading of who and what we truly are.. Time to STOP the allowing of all the fore mentioned and so much more… Time to STOP it all IMMEDIATELY!!! For as long as such is allowed to be, the more further and further we will get from than to where we suppose to be and belong. We have the power NOW!!! to do what needs to be done, but first we must do – Do The Knowledge & Do It!!! Just as we have given the power to the devil and their productions and efficiencies, we have the capability and ability to resume such power. Do Not fret , nor worry yourself with who else will do with you, for we are refer to as the 5% for a reason, no concur, nor coincidence. You do what you MUST!!! Do what you can, and all others and all things will get done. There is a lot to be done, for so much was allowed over the several decades. But nothing we the chosen and few can’t handle. Utilize your third eye ability to C-E-E, and you can and will C-E-E as well S-E-E who and what I am referring to. It’s really not hard to detect with the naked eye. So much to do, and get done, and so little time, and so not so many to make such happen. Thus, we can and will get done, hence we MUST start IMMEDIATELY!!! NOW!!!. Take your time, just make sure in doing so you waste no time!!! No time to waste! No time to play!!! Every second that pass becomes past, and we will never see it again. Which draws us closer and closer to our essences. It’s important that if you are not doing, start Now!!! If you are doing, continue, for God, Earth as well Devil, are verbs, which means there are things you MUST do, or do not, to qualify or disqualify you as such. It’s time to STOP being what we are not, and start being who we are. Be who and what you be, and be the best at it. God?!, Earth?!. Father?!, Devil?!, Mother?!, Warrior?!, Teacher?!, Gangsta?!, 5%?!, 10%?!, 85%?!, who ever!? Whatever!? Be it!!! Stop allowing anything, and start holding yourself and every one accountable. Now is the time!!! Not tomorrow. And of course this lesson, this message, is for and to every one, in particular the strong, chosen, true, living and few. So if you are he or she, continue as you have(Build!!!), for it’s been said countless of times, “Builders Build!!!”, also, “Earths’ Build Too!!!” So in order for such to be true, then more MUST be done and more you will Cee as well see. Now as I came to you( With & in Peace…), I leave you in and with the same, Peace!!! And always remember, never, ever forget; “Knowledge, Born- Wisdom, Cipher- Knowledge, Power/Refinement- Knowledge, Equality!!!” or be “knowledge, Born- Wisdom, Cipher- Knowledge, Power/Refinement- Knowledge, Equality- Knowledge, Equality- Power/Refinement- Culture/Freedom!!!

    Made Manifested By; Application Latik Seymou Allah(15,098)

    Please Educate Allahs’ Children Everywhere!!!( Peace!!! )

    *Note: Please copy this lesson, paste it, pass it on, reveal it, Spread it, for you have my consent and blessings. Thank-You & Peace! Also, any one who may have a build in regards to not just this lesson, but to any thing I make manifest, DO NOT FACEBOOK confront me, rather CALL ME( Culture/Freedom-Cipher-Culture/Freedom-Wisdom-God-Knowledge-Power/Refinement-Cipher-Knowledge-Knowledge ) for those who are Supremely mathematically inclined not, that is 4-0-4-2-7-1-5-0-1-1….. Again, Peace to all, as well yours….