MenNefer said:
You held me down in this place, didn't spit in my face so I'll give you that space


Make moves in this belly, power equal wit my celly, keep my mind off the Tele


Stack books, smoke trees, build a cypher wit my G's 360 degrees


Stay away from the drama, meditate Dali Lama, Fruits veggies and a comma


Get my word game on , make my verbs ring strong, let my Geb bring *Aung*


Make it back to my land, and I'm back to your door but is a Real black man what you really asked for?

thank you very much..... appreciate the love....

I like the way you flip'd that...

hmmmmmmmmm..... thinking about the bolded.. truly I don't think I ever asked.... only fell victim to a circumstance that i always had the power to change.......

^^ overstood!


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