HODEE said:
Great flow
You know the truth is in your words
Having no desire to participate
Contribute to the growth of what you both made your fate

23 lockdown, now where are his friends
Writing you constantly
He will go back to his bad ways
As soon as he is free again
Cut the cord
Have no more burden or noise
He may never man up

Sometimes it is the time
To kick when they are down
You have their attention
Smack into
Their mention
The truth

Here is a photo
Maybe he has a need
To keep in touch
Save his sanity
It is not on you
He has to be responsible for his own actions and change

much love to all of you... ya'll are the bomb!

I left before he went down...
simply cause he was trickin round town...

made two seeds with a rat i don't need....
he love only himself is what i beleive...

but when the going get tough.. who do he call
the one that he tried make fall...

he got me ****** up... sisters' is dyin of aids
he got me ****** up... nasty preparing my grave
he got me ****** up... he got no self respect
he got me ****** up... pain is something i just don't forget

he say i'm crazy... well he got his part in that
he say i'm crazy....cause i won't take him back
he say i'm crazy....but he sell his momma drugs
he say i'm crazy....cause i'll never go back to what was

crazy defined line by line......
is something that i think bout all the time...

to be crazy .. is continue the same behavior and expect a different result...

so he's the one who's crazy... I was sane enough to give his *** up!!!
wow !
sometime the truth can be a blast
now that he's on his ...............!@
who do he call from them walls
the same queen he had mall
now the letters roll in
tell u of his love deep within
but still his mind is of sin
this thing is like a never never win
i feel ya but sometime one can change to better themselves
and be what they should have been all along so the cares go on !
Loved the Flow

You held me down in this place, didn't spit in my face so I'll give you that space


Make moves in this belly, power equal wit my celly, keep my mind off the Tele


Stack books, smoke trees, build a cypher wit my G's 360 degrees


Stay away from the drama, meditate Dali Lama, Fruits veggies and a comma


Get my word game on , make my verbs ring strong, let my Geb bring *Aung*


Make it back to my land, and I'm back to your door but is a Real black man what you really asked for?


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