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Jul 26, 2001
Jesus stoped the killing of a Loose Woman. We can at least speak out aganist it after the fact?

JACKSON,MI— Some pundits predict the mayor of Detroit may go down as the "black Nixon" for his alleged political crimes. I think it might be time for Kwame Kilpatrick to hit I-75 south and go live in his Florida home.

Some of his own police officers have described the mayor as carrying on like the Sopranos or the Purple Gang. A former Detroit police clerk signed an affidavit saying she saw a police complaint from Tamara Greene saying she was hit by the mayor's wife after giving Kwame a lap dance. A couple of months later, Greene is assassinated by a Glock pistol. And now a current police officer wrote a memo collaborating the clerk's affidavit.

Detroit has ranked in the top-five most-dangerous and violent places to live. Compare any month of Detroit's murders with the rate of killings of U.S. soldiers in some of our hot spots for the same time. The problem is that evidence slowly is dripping out that the mayor might be contributing to the crime statistics, and the police may be covering it up for him.

The Michigan attorney general is requesting the mayor step down, which is appropriate. However, if Mike Cox would have flushed out the information that's now dripping out we would have been spared this grief. It seems only the national media can put on the needed pressure. The media is now focusing on the New York governor's scandal, which doesn't have anything on what's happening in Detroit.

In my opinion it could be better than some fictional, political crime movies. Remember "Murder at 1600" and "Absolute Power"? It's up to Detroit to clean up its mess and send Kwame packing to Florida.

— Andre Austin
Why and How do we stop reflecting the values, the conditions and the effects of white supremacy if we don't even have the understanding of being the educators of our own children instead of allowing our enemy to miseducate them?....Surely we are reflecting reality, even in all our simply isn't our reality that we are reflecting.


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