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    Character and Integrity.

    On a world stage is rated. By those who control the curtains and those who have power to bring down that curtain.

    Placed in a category of who has an honest nature or who knows the truth or untruth made up about your make-up. When one comes on stage in society. Attacked often are these two categories.

    Those who make these charges are judging without be judged.

    Those who make these charges often lack credibility themselves. Machines exist that work all the time to attack even the common man. Come to close to rising above the floor of concern and you are knocked down and kicked by many.

    Who is watching who?

    There are no true checks and balances in this form of opinionated rhetoric. Books are written and careers are ruined. Over and over again by this machine run by corrupt interest. A lump of flour is sifted and made fine before added to a cake. Yet in society we fail horribly in sifting thru truth and lies. Character is distinguishable in every man and woman. Made up of equitable moral and ethical structure. A person of influence is often attacked on a constant basis for doing well. If your not doing good this comes deserved.

    Words are mightier than the sword comes to mind.

    The abuse on the other hand runs rampart in America. To bring those below you or in your influence and control to his / her knees. Focus is given to those in politics by the media. Unfairly wanting another story. Those on a lower level say employer to employee. Act not much different by using influence to garner others into the plan of attack.

    Over all it’s a public estimation of someone.
    The payoff is ruin to a person’s ability to continue in office or make a living.
    Attacks on competency and dependability.

    Black and White evaluated as either totally good or totally bad.

    When will it stop?
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    When WE--Black Americans stop buying into the hype and learn to love Ourselves and each other. Try it, I guarantee that it will work. Hodee, my brother, tell me why is it that they have to hate Us?
    I think it is because of Our power to love... and when We use it, what We garner from it.

    Hodee, maybe others can't see it, maybe you don't; but I do; and maybe I'm just a freak, but I take pride in the fact that I have to be taken Out.