Black Poetry : Still Waters Run Deep

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    in the subjectified contemplation of the passage of time
    it becomes incumbent upon the perceiver
    to recognize the depth to which
    he or she is a product of his or her own mind.

    this recognition then becomes a reflection upon
    the particulars of societal and cultural production
    that instill in all of us certain ideas about how to
    Think and Behave.
    these ideas are really Ideologies
    that we are all slave to,
    they are the assumptions that many of us share
    beneath our surface differences and cares.

    Some of these you might recognize,
    more for their effects than for their causes,
    because causative factors are hidden from conscious view,
    although they affect both me and you.

    have you ever noticed
    how the media tries to make us all think the same,
    how the corporations try to make us all dress the same,
    eat the same foods, drink the same drinks,
    and get ****** up off the same designer drugs?

    it ain't no accident. those commercials are meant
    for the underlying messages that are sent,
    and even though subliminal advertising was banned,
    man, they've found other sewers within which to slink,
    other ways to affect the way we think.

    how about how
    the music gets us all to dance the same way;
    what's that all about?
    i thought dancing was about freedom and self-expression,
    not conformity or the creation of self-doubt!
    What about pornography and womens anatomy,
    the popularity of plastic surgery
    and the hilarity of bigger mammaries that
    really! and truly!
    but, regardless of our individual taste,
    what they imply is that these women weren't good enough
    in the first place,
    which means that false conceptions of beauty
    are in style, and have been for quite a while.
    which brings me to the booty,
    and the pop! pop! popping of cootchies,
    and how the rap videos show that wiggling, jiggling, shaking
    that keeps us brothas just'a quaking!
    but i digress...
    what i was really trying to say was, that
    a woman's ability to grind her box on a man's willing ****
    is really, really quite a skill, so just chill...

    and even though i'm not at all aghast
    at a woman who can move that ***
    and bring me to the brink where i can't even think,
    i must admit that i feel cheated and abused by forces
    outside of my control
    that have the nerve to be All Up In my mind,
    All Up In my bedroom and my wet dreams,
    coming All Up In my conception of who i am and where i'm going
    and trying to make me
    a reflection of their own predilections...

    it kind of blows my mind, On The Real,
    and i find myself thinking about
    where these power formations came from
    and who exactly is in charge of making you and i
    think the same way, about the same things,
    even though we come from different places,
    were raised in different spaces
    with different ideas about who we are
    and what exactly the world is and means, to us.

    in the greater sense, i guess it is a good thing that people
    aren't necessarily subject to the same old prejudicial,
    parochial, country-*** belief systems that made racism so pervasive
    back in the day.
    i guess it's a good thing that the media has standardized
    some things-extended possibility on heavenly wings,
    and even though racism is still pervasive here in this day,
    the fact that i don't have to put up with it in my own personal life
    by going into the backdoors of restuarants,
    by drinking out of different water fountains,
    or by using different public restrooms,
    is enough of an advance to make those racist backwaters
    that still exist in places like vidor and tulia, texas,
    and so many others the country across little more than
    an intellectual nuisance, since i don't have to deal with their realities anyway.

    but then again, i guess i do.
    i guess we all do, since we're all a part of the same experiment:
    we're all little test tube monkeys running around in ghettofied
    mazes being observed by evil nerds who have the nerve
    to think they are God's gift to this Earth.

    and don't think that by calling myself,
    a strong, black man,
    a 'monkey', that i'm not talking about white people too.

    yeah, i'm talking about white, yellow, brown and black.
    let me put it this way: if you're here, listening to my words,
    and you don't have a multi-million dollar trust fund,
    a brand new car that you didn't pay for
    and are look forward to managing the fate of thousands
    at some point in your priviledged life,
    then you are not one of the designated few,
    selected by predestination
    and the Global System of Economic Elitism,
    to be a Master of the Universe!

    (insert heroic music and cheesy graphics here)

    don't feel bad though, you have instead been selected
    by Fate to be one of the Unconscious Masses,
    those admittedly subject to forces beyond their control,
    but also given an amount of freedom to
    choose our Own Destiny
    that gives us the chance of being
    whatever we choose to Be,
    within the limits of our own Self-Conception
    as well as the amount of indoctrination
    that we've accepted from our own experiences
    with media-induced mind control.

    so i guess, in the end,
    It Doesn't Really Matter who these Fools are
    who think they run the world.
    because, really,
    They Don't Run Jack,
    except for a broke-down train
    that is about to run off the tracks
    as The Greater Forces of Redemption and
    Transcention of the Physical Self make themselves known
    in the affairs of humankind
    and despite our individual belief systems,
    or whether we find relief in the Divine or not,
    there ain't no denying the times, or hiding from the truth
    that some very basic realities that we all have grown accustomed to
    are about to change, in a fundamental way.

    the lifestyle we live is unsustainable, y'all.
    i hate to say it, but the unlimited use of electricity,
    the jacking of 60% of the world's natural resources
    by less than 10% of the world's population,
    the sheer audacity of imposing our way of life on
    socieities that have had their own ways of life for
    thousands and thousands of years in the name of some
    culturally-specific and non-universal concept of Progress
    is all going to go the way of the dinosaur,
    because the one thing that i do know is Universal
    and seems to hold true in case after case,
    is that what you do comes back to you,
    or, to put it in Thermodynamic terms:
    you can't win,
    you can't break even,
    and you can't get out of the game.

    one last thing: when i mentioned being "ghettofied" earlier,
    i wasn't talking about the inner city alone.
    the suburbs are ghettofied too,
    if a ghetto really is:
    "a place where members of a minority group
    live because of social, legal or economic pressure".
    cause - guess what y'all -
    in the Context of the Greater World,
    those of you who consider yourselves white
    are the minority and,
    in the Context of the Greater World,
    the suburbs, and even the united states, can be seen
    as being ghettofied,
    if a ghetto really does signify "an isolated group",
    isolated inside of a self-perceived reality of illusory ideologies
    id est, "the creation of a fantastic conception of reality"
    and i don't mean fantastic-"great"!
    i mean fantastic-"based upon fantasy",
    "conceived, or seemingly conceived by unrestrained fancy".

    but then, still waters really do run deep
    and the next time you see a brotha, sitting around,
    bobbing his head to some internal beat,
    don't think that he's asleep,
    because that man is probably deconstructing
    metanarrational fractures of immense stature
    somewhere deep in his brain,
    while the rhythmic pound of cosmic waves
    allows him to expound upon the plight of Mental Slaves.
    the daily grind ain't nothing but a thing
    that gives us the chance to get back into the swing
    of that natural flow, that allows us to grow,
    that keeps us aglow as we swing down low,
    beneath the emotional fires that stoke our desires
    as we then swing higher, for life requires
    our utter attention, because the ascention
    outside this dimension of spiritual tension
    is the one...
    that we can all relate to
    despite the restrictions on the things we think, and do.

    in the subjectified contemplation of the passage of time
    it becomes incumbent upon the perceiver
    to recognize the depth to which
    he or she is a product of his or her own mind.

    Think about that for a minute.

    Cause we're all Up In It.
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    yes indeed deeper then ever
    love the scribe here
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    Deeply feeling you myself,
    Keep doing ya thang! :spin:
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    lawdy me
    ya came wit it long hard and heavy on this one...:)
    straight up TKO :)
    dont be a stranger...:)
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    Alter you slammed on this one. Nothing but truth up in here. It is hard to break the jello mold, you find we are all trapped in. So we keep trying day in and day out to make those ends. Bust the trend. Only to find we created another prison.
    Bills piling up all the time. Nothings free anymore. When we have to turn to designer air tanks.. just to have fresh air then I'm going to get me one without a logo. Water tainted.. Avian cost to much. Have a glass on me. At my next party It's going to be a water party. Offering all the fancy bottles they come in. As I sit and watched TV again it dawned on me. That advertisement wants me to act. Buying name brands so my friends won't crack on my generic. Every one I see wearing Jerseys of NFL, and NBA players costing hundreds of slayer dollars. Gots to be up. Or be seen not down. Not me. Pass me that generic twisted juice.
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    are deep
    strong point
    so very very true
    this just filled me
    all sense alert
    wonderful impression
    you have reflected
    in tis scribe
    you have compose
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    i say ya just breakin it down..
    deep write..
    feelin this flow...
    flow on...much love from :angel1:
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    ...for the read, y'all...i appreciate the time you took to check out my work and the commentary.