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    Feb 23, 2005
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    Hey Yo watS GoIN On iM New To diS WhOLe ThanG.....But I GoT A "tOpIc" tO WrIte BOuT...HeaR Me oUt.....

    Last year when i was a fresh man i started talkin to this girl named Sharonda....she was a junior at tha time....we talked for bout two weeks n i asked her out. So we was goin out in all and on the first night we was goin out i snuck over to her house and dat was our first time.......We soon fell in love and were all over eachother....But then it was like i got tired of her nad didnt want her around cause she would be like " baby i love you" n " baby this nad baby that"..she was really in love wit me.....we broke up several times and got back together and we finally broke it off for good. But now its like im in love with her and id do anything to have her back....its been over a year since we broke up and i bought her gifts for her birthday , christmas, and valentines tha cards i wrote that im still in love with her and i really want to get back with her.........but she shows no affection towards it....we do talk at school like hi n we'll play around with eachother but wen i write her letters bout how i feel she says nothin bout it or writes me back...and we see eachother everyday cause we share the same friends. shes a senior this year and me a scared to lose her completely and im scared i already did....wat do i do/? i really love her......
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    Well.. you probably have heard this a million times.. But, don't try to pressure her too much.. If you show too much attactment, girls may get annoyed.. Same thing about when she started to say I love you to you, might be happenin' to her right now.. Seems to me she kind of scared you off, make sure all the gifts don't do that to her.. Just go with the flow..

    Other than that, if all signs point towards not getting back together, all I can tell you is.. Don't cry over spilled water.

    Good luck with your situation.
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    social worker...
    Hi treu.....:wave:

    welcome here ..
    we are glad that you are here and share youre story...:heart:

    So you got this thing going on now wich is not clear...
    because it kinda went off and on....(that is both of youre responsebillity,s)

    I believe that because you share the same friends and kindda hang around eachother jocke a lot...
    and that between the jockes real feeling are there to....somthimes...
    But you dont notice it anymore from eachother.....

    let me ..think...

    i like to ask you sumthing...

    if you are honest with yourself
    You know get to know yourself better to ...

    ok beside of what the two of you had in the past....
    Do you feel that she still lIkes you .....

    and if you do....?

    are you serius ...
    i mean seriues that you want a relationship with her...
    and i mean .....not the fooling around i mean serius?

    and if she doesnt like you anymore....
    How hard is it for you to let her go......

    let me know ok...?

    And i agree..with the fact that you can not push her...
    you can also not create something that is not there...
    BUt you have the right to ask her in a serius convertation...
    it doesnt have to be with gifts....
    just tell her you want a serius confo with her and that you realy want some respondings......
    and that if she leaves it in the middle.....

    that you have to think about ...
    if it is healthy for you hang around with her ...
    if this is causing you pain...

    let me know ok.....

    i get back to you..
    as soon as i can....

    and untill than ALpha omega Guidance Brother!:

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    Nov 11, 2004
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    i think that you should tell her in person how you really feel insted of a letter and yall should have a serious talk about it, if she want time to think about it then give it to her, don't give her an hard dicision to make by asking her about it. Till than playa keep ya head up

    What you do in the dark will be shown in the light
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    Nov 5, 2004
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    OK... HHMMM...

    i'm just going to um... tell you how i see this.

    i think she's still a little bit hurt. imagine, she really fell for you and you, kinda got bored. she tried over and over but you, just ignored...
    now that she moved on, you see something in her that, what? you never saw before???
    playa please! she's scared, she's scared to be hurt again and you, my brotha are like every other human being: wanting something you can't get.

    so??? what are you waiting for?? go get her! show her that you were dumb before and that you want her trust again! show her that she means more to you than before and that you want to get serious with her! actions speak louder than words!! or should i say: letters?

    and then, if she says you've hurt her and done the damage... leave her alone... for a while... then TRY AND TRY AGAIN! if you love her enough you will keep trying, i'm sure she must be worth it... you're smitten.

    'nuff sed.
    good luck and let us know whats up.
    much love, sista plain.
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    Dec 17, 2004
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    look fa real if u really love this person u'll do everthing in your power from losin them and u never stop loving somebody you just stop sayin it so somewhere in her heart there are feelings for you just gotta make her see them again and let her kno she can t rust u not to do what u did before
    good luck and pray about it
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    Apr 13, 2005
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    Listen to this chick

    Im not into all those close up and personal relationships. Before i say i love you we have to have been together for at leaast a year and have had physical contact b4 i would ever get all gushy like that. If you are ready for that relationship then go and get her back, but if not stay away! or just email me @ [email protected]
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    Local Insurance Agent
    Virginia Beach,Va
    welll..high school.. maynn,
    that was 3 years ago for me.. but I can tell not much has changed.
    Well with all honestly..
    She is now a senior, when you all were together she was a junior. Sorry family but the laws of high school now apply, your x-gf is no longer a virgin. You made sure of that, and now that she is not, and after you had sex with her you grew weary of her, and quickly dismissed her feelings towards her she has gotten over you. BUt now she's more than likely exploring sex with other guys. She still cares about you, but to her, you are probally another lifetime ago. (speaking from experience, my friends and i all went thru it) NOw its the end of the year and she's ready to graduate, possibly go off to college, and you will still be in High school!
    She knows it wont work. You should really accept it, she will no longer be considered a child cause' shell be outta school.. and WOMEN dont date high school boys. BUt its okay, because when your outta high school, it will be considered o.k for you to dat a high school girl. (just remember what happen when the ish** its the fan) These are the laws that apply.

    Find someone else who appreciates your love, and you for who you are. NOt what class you are in. :dance1: and write them letters and spoil them rotten with affection and love. Gifts are collectables to girls, we all go back and remember who gave us what.