Black Poetry : Still Dropping

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    Still Dropping

    Have **** friction and ambition is an excuse not to be lazy
    Run loose and crazy looking for success it’t like that hot gravy
    Retard jerk think hard work will kill him so he want take a chance
    On getting a job, threatening to be involved with crime must advance
    Pass this I’m an activist for HIP HOP, but I fear this true era and
    The best safety device is a rear view mirror with a cop in it can’t plan
    To speed under these conditions, so slow down when you go around
    Curves nerds, pick up books take a sick look at pages and rages renown
    in laughter, in a dumb way some day I intend to read it, never clowned
    the author I use nouns proper, look MC’S need help and I’m please to
    accept yall resignation best yall retire your fire stuff will squeeze a crew
    a strong thug and belong to a club on microphones my voice tone above
    the rest, have clever regrets and never for get a face so dude no love
    lost, on the street march hot but my watch stopped should’ve bought
    a rolex let me go text them the tick tock has quit went to work caught
    late brought cake in my lunch bag plus punch hags in the mouth
    Get bolder flames and like shoulder pains stuff hurt folks
    When I alert with quotes even Captain Kirk smoke guns and tote
    Phasors so beem me up Scotty, got the gift of funk able to lift
    A trunk with my verse junk in my verse flows and move swift
    Like a dog I run about the yard no doubt fun with retards
    While I bark art yelling ruff ruff tough this stuff is hard
    Starting to fear man, got a beer can almost empty try not
    Post wimpy on the internet not a winner yet but a guy hot
    On my head all type of hairs but my flight of stairs lead
    Above as I climb them and proceed as a thug rhyme is my creed
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    keep droppin it hot like tis...............