Black Poetry : Still African

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    Your still African Money bleach creams and trixnology screams
    won't change your genetic strings.
    You have been the spoof at the door in African dreams.
    You worked to infiltrate our expressional beans
    dropping fallacies on inspirational scenes
    to our youth and our confused
    living in a world with changing rules for our natural tanned hues.
    Musical Yacub
    giving creativity to evil
    instead of life to their people.
    Take your words off stage
    no words from those who they have paid.
    I am African I am black I am everything of Africa
    good bad full and lack.
    My heart pumping the blood of the Atlantic
    Emotions high hatred for Klansman
    and my head running on the science of my home land
    while my eyes are envisioning our strategic plan.
    We can not separate or divide
    we lose when we marginalize.
    Smokey Robinson modern day smoke in mirrors
    words misleading
    killing ilke European "healers."

    Ellen Covington