Black Poetry : Stick On Me


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Aug 28, 2001
I teach Teen Health
Looking at the things I saw
They broke truth to me
Used deceptions plenty to cede me from mine

Swallowed everything whole
Became a magnet for majority propaganda
The drums were too far to bring me back to tribal dances

Using poetic words to illustrate my world
The mystery of our history and exhale
How was I to come to the understanding

Accepting her Zulu roots
Remembering out of many one people
I was the modern tar baby

Accepting so much that came to me through others
Denying my experience where reality tapped me on the shoulder
Forgive my unseeing heart and remove the feathers stuck to me

I remember my yen for my people
I must listen again to the music Makeba
Make my natural hair grow strong

Been a long way home
Truth must be my words from core spaces
Humanity delivers me to mother God

Stuck on me is the tribute I sing
Rendering free from the many hands that came to put my fire out
I burn pure from the trial of my being

Patrice C, Queen

Zulile gave me the title
Power of the Spoken Word!

:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

Y'all had to be there for this one! Hanging out in the chat room, PatriceCQueen 'demands' "gimme a title".. I suggested "stick on me" (ever so un-poetic, as at that moment I was pulling off a peice of tape that was stuck to my shoe.. :lol: ) .. a little more conversation and within 30 minutes her voice filled my speakers, reciting this peice!

..capturing so much... so well... potent!

:SuN032: :SuN013: :terrific: wow. wow. wow!

Loved witnessing this - I'm framing it!!!!!! Thank you, Sista Patrice!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:


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