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May 11, 2006
Stick Fast
Rhymes spark bright even on a cold dark night so I’m smart
To write this stuff and stay hyped enough to try kick start
My bike, my dome spins like a strong wind blowing debris
Flowing so free and frequent destination has led to a spree
Of recent resignation by crew members and I’m due in December
To drop a verse and HIPHOP the earth but will rip shop first Remember
The Time like MICHAEL JACKSON chops trees and yells timber!
Some dumb cats prevail haters have to give details later
This is a rap crisis my map is priceless but as a terminator
Rap to the nicest chicks but no trick up my sleeves yall
Look when I’m all fatigue I call on my colleagues to ball
And add some words, perhaps the chemistry in the rap
Industry may bring rhymes, bling and wine then we can yap
And sing all the time, this is a true demonstration using new
Information by taking complex looks at textbooks so who
Wanna turn the page concerned and amazed at the table
Of contents plus I’m able to rent a condo my finance stable
Survived the hate but arrived late to get the love I was able
To eat a bagel doe and got bold greetings the whole evening
Got a load of strife in my mode of life which is random //
Dope ready to abandon hope problems are like cannons //
They fire off and explode like a load of TNT and that’s //
A dynamite like JJ Evans on good times, stuff fly like bats //
Cats try abate my pride while dubs devastate my ride have //
To regulate my side of HIPHOP feel me? From home grab //
A beer in a heartless and illegal manner wearing a feeble //
Bandana with the tails loose, rhymes ill like Beanie Seagal //
Foolproof all on top of the school roof it’s a textbook thing //
Try love from the sky above, mess around and grew wings //
And now my new thing is to be an angel while my crew clings //
To the Heavens, look I’m out of steam but still manage to catch //
Trout’s from streams end up with a mermaid in my boat dispatch //
Hook and worm wearing a shook perm apply afro sheen yall //
My flow clean like Organic root stimulator gave the barber a call //
Here and there and fear everywhere on all side use my tall pride //
Just to duck sometime, violence will take place when criminals collide //
Write stuff and had quite enough of hyped coco puff in stride //
With breakfast, made a legit pledge over my grits and eggs my //
Quotes are real like oatmeal, tote steel barbells to muscle up my thigh //


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