Black People : Stephen A. Smith puts "the black community" in it's place.

Smith can be a trip sometimes when it comes to race-based issues.
In the clip he makes some valid points, yet as usual fall back into one
of his 'here we go again' retorts.

Are we talking about the double-standards in terms of how black folks,
I suppose, is reacting to cuban's remarks (which I have no problem with),
or are we talking about black folks use of the kings-english and the way
in which they wear their clothing? I find saggy paints absurd, but is that
the case?

And who exactly is he talking to?
I heard this diatribe before, and I don't recall him
making it clear that he isn't talking about all black folk, hmmmm.

Then he goes off naming celebs talkin'bout everbody can't be them.
Wait, how did he get from talking about cuban's remarks to somone
trying to be "like them"?

Smith will take an acute issue then blow it out just to rant about
black people.

And another thought:

Has anyone every heard skip bayless go close to the extreme in
blasting yt folks as we see/hear smith does with black folks?
I mean if any group deserves an azs-drenchin'...
I must say, I hadn't watched this dude before, but I will mos def start.

Hes on point, I dig how he breaks it down on how he got to where he is.

I've seen that there aren't many who wanna talk about their trials before their smiles, some just show up successful acting like its nothing to it.

I feel that unless we show each other that, hey... it hasn't been all gravy and that we've failed many times to get to where we are...we won't necessarily come of as an inspriration, but rather an intimidation especially with the youth.

Show them that it took hard, strenuous work, frustrating efforts, let them see our failures and also let them see us scratch our heads but, head back to the drawing board, trying this, crossing off that

Strarting with 3, omitting 2, then adding 2 or 5 more till we get to what works best. It takes work and strategy.

I can remember being the youngest electrician in my company who became a journeyman, wasn't no one in my hood catching 2 buses early as hell in the morning carrying a dufflebag full of tools to get to a job site 3 cities away, only to get there each day to be taunted by co workers with racial ish, and work for a boss who acted as though he want didn't want me there to begin with.
Nobody that I knew of from where I lived dealt with that.

But I did it for 2 years straight and on top of that became the first Black electrician, plus the youngest in the Company.

I was on a mission and had a wife and 2 sons to take care of.

No one was teaching me nor showing me what it took, or what to watch out for, I had to soldier it on my own, but I wish those who were older than I had pulled me to the side from time to time saying where and what they could relate to.
So I say big ups to this brother, I will definitely will be watching him more now.


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