Black Poetry : Step swift to accept gifts the power of giving but

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May 11, 2006
Step swift to accept gifts the power of giving but

Tower while living in the ghetto become King Tut

My lyricals deft like material wealth rich in skills

And itch to kill microphones and thrill domes and will

Spill knowledge that’ll fill a college with textbooks

Stuff harvest grain the largest brain be vexed and shook

Come with sick facts and quick to act he see a chick

In black now rumbling through words being slick

Thoughts flying like hummingbirds his mind tricked

fixed rhythm her beauty mixed wisdom starting to kick

his hormones, need help today she’s only a step away

wanna kiss her lips she really twist her hips they sway

from side to side, she use hair spray he wants an affair

in the stairway, the wind blow a breeze cold in the air

he achieve his goals in pairs, swallow corruption then

follow instruction wanna holler have discussions when

he meet chicks he wanted to get inside her lace but need

a specified place which is the bedroom after a love creed

it’ll be a life of ease to give her waist a nice squeeze and beg

her please for some on his knees look dumb, between her legs

real hot because her thing deals with **** boys kneel a lot

trying to get some hugs flash and love splash like steps

in the mud that helps a thug leave footprints and accepts

the kisses, this could be a felony gone loco or a love melody

in a solo sex alert with excerpt from a tongueing well to be

to cumming in bed so swell to see so wow somebody tell me

he’s not daydreaming and her lipstick stay gleaming red

fill with frustration this is just an illustration of his bed

habit, he started to think about her hard he wants his hot

voice to tower as watts and horsepower make a choice not

to cower at this point wanna kiss and anoint her body real


thinking: bet her boyfriend recite her lyrics and rhyme for

a period of time use Ebonic slang wild sang for a while car

shined in the driveway as he strive to say I love you then

ask her for some, thing so slick he go anhd lick his girlfriend

her world spin true, bold and clever shoe soles are leather

she so fine and phat during the time that they’re together

hotter thighs and cake plus she’s the proper size and shape

she has cake to be ate he can’t escape her beauty too late

bet he has music that fits the mood and her legit attitude

bet he get Soulfood like Vivica Fox, he jest can’t elude

her panties after sex no way Hosea jest too wet and nude

he said “boo I live corrupt and fiery ready give up entirely

on finding a chick my timing not quick enough but highly

want one so don’t come and tell me no girl your wet thing

is so renown that’s why I wear bling around and try cling

to nouns hoping for right love words boo you a humble girl

even though you may crumble my world in jungle that hurl

mad lions and iron know your cake is greasy so don’t make

me uneasy or somewhat ashame I come with luck to take

aim at getting a dame so what’s your name boo?” “It’s Jane

my game has become less in force but your breast on course

to be sucked and that’s hard to duck, struggle a bit wit my source

bu tin the end I juggle tits in my Porshe in my Tims my foot bend

ready to put an end to this horniness, being corny don’t impress or win

this is love in a digital storm just convert to visual form and then

girlfriend you can see where I’m coming from be a kidio on video

and like P DIDDY woah! make a band need your cake and ***** yo

need your sandwich no matter I’m damage data without it onroute

to split your thighs and git pies behind some legit vibes so boo shouts

out to players who are slayers of sex even on file or disk a wild biz

can be shown so understand my strong desire I’m on fire gee wiz

boo your blue skirt is tight so let me do work tonight, take a quiz

let me test your breast like KEITH SWEAT I wanna test ride

Boo got a hot car and stay not far from the beach you just

A plumb and a peach, try be renown and not lie down it’s a must

To succeed, confined in child birth now blind got a wild thirst for milk

And the deft hating is left waiting until a later time I’ve kilt

Aligatoras online, my trend unraveled

had to suspend travel on my computer //

usually post a lot

come almost to a a stop

end up chilling at Hooters //

need a dame to be sweet

so I won’t remain in retreat

came from the streets //

to prevail in quote

and that float like a sail boat

and face the wind

need unique //

lace from a girl friend

her lips very hot

like ships go into dock

and lie low //

I want some pie yo

After one good luck kiss

I’ll be up to this

Try //

place her lace on the bed

then chase her red


she’s equip with slick tongue

wanna be quick to git some

my code is lame

grip her load of grain

and explode in flames

you got mad stew

and this just add to

this frequent event I see bent bedsprings

like coffee it brew make my head sing

so girl go on and spread your thing

need a pure girl atleast to secure world peace I’m sure

we can feast in bed, boo this affair is a real

excuse me let me prepare a meal

you hair is the deal sweaty and ready to reveal

my love for you an early twist after a whirly kiss

could prove something big so we both can reminisce


naw player this is jest flat love my stats above average a thug’s

hug can be savage but can lead to a marriage and sex on a rug

you viewed my body now want a nude party your eyes on

my pies and I recognize that ballistic got wise statistics alone

sight of a cutie invite booty surprise you wanna kiss it at home

want cake from this dame but you ‘re gonna get snakes on

a planes annual attraction like SAMUEL L JACKSON strong

and into the Deep Blue starring LL KOOL J my love homegrown

but unknown by you boo, my candies a blast but my panties gonna

collapse if the juice stay loose that way I’m really hot down there

sex a requirable art, kissing a desirable part wow it’s your very stare

got me scary and aware you having cake today can take away my joy

with a boy, sweet and fine must keep that in mind or stuff can toy

with my thoughts, just because my lips are very soft you wanna carry

them off and pull apart my thighs and there spark the pies while I

lay in the dark archives of sex so what’s next on the verge to try

with a strong urge emotions twist like an ocean of fish and swim

in my mind feel above the rim sometime and player you wear tims

starting to see strange now must rearrange my eyesight you the guy

tonight after sex my facts stack as a cutie story Black Beauty was fly

but it was about a horse no doubt a choice will be made, love exists

in reality a kiss is actuality the brisk brutality is being caught like a fish

boys use bait to get cake, it will be a thrill for you to go up in it

but let me chill for a minute, you a guy with friction wanna occupy

a postion in my life, remain in a certain state I’m a dame so I

be flirting cake and like RHIANNA I Love the way you talk that

talk to me yeah, I stay fine and love words play on my mind

I may decline when it cums to sex doe a complex go behind

Close doors, and there you will unravel lace and butter travel

From one place to another on gravel as a lover that really babble

Love words I got a terrific potion wet like the Pacific ocean and

You wanna swim in it and be timid to no limit got lotion on hands

You desire my lips but it gonna require trips down town I plan

To be crown queen because got renown cream that alone could land

Me in bed player, my breast fine and it’s the best time for sucking

All most a crime to be ducking that feel quack lke AFLAC tucking

In my emotions because my toast filled with jelly I’m the most skilled

On a celly and like R. KELLY you want foreplay right away thrilled

Get some”

Try take a sweet shower in place

My body like wheat flour and paste

You’ll run for and hour just to taste

You Be concerned over my pies

I notice how you turned your eyes

Try dress nice best learn and recognize

Wear a blue skirt thing creamy filled

Wanna do work and be extremely thrilled

I strut but great in a tight velvet dress

Just cupcakes when boys see wet breasts

They jest gaze but I don’t get stressed

Grade A milk pear shape best of the best

Wanna kiss my lips start on sheets

Break the head board mark bed with streaks

I think you wanna jest chase my stew

Go down kiss my feet lace my shoe

Me having class is a risky thing to do

Add a dash of whiskey boys ready to screw

Breast right, dress tight it squeeze my waist

Impress with appetite so gone tease my lace

My lips or kissers so red wet and alert

Make you flip wanna spread my network

Grip me softly like you sip coffee skirt perk

She said

naw player here in Burger King you wanna poke a wrench

inside my French fries and put every inch in my pies pinch

myself jest to wake up, need to replace my lace really wet

down there juice around everywhere guess sex is an outlet

now in school you wanna somehow fool around talk sex

get me caught up in a complex conversation then it’s vexed

domination in bed, my body has shown butter and we’ve known

each other for a while, you a strong lover of sex **** hard stone

hot kisses are not for sissies it twists-es their brain best be gone

oh under my dress smoke could lead to breast strokes in bed

giving up tongue living corrupt and sprung messed up head

my mind in rage keep in confined in a cage my body designed

to amaze even though I wear strange perfume but you need

to change your costume you facts don’t amaze backstage feed

the birds, no doubt with you I’m out of view I’m about to leave

this place and I think you wanna squeeze my waist and please

don’t crumble my panty lace, so you want wine and cream

behind the scene time for some extreme love making it seem

I was at Burger King home of the whopper trust

Me body like copper rust free here music a must

Keep my head up in mini skirt thighs sweaty pies ready

Keen mind it’s cream time seen nine boys looking sweaty

My heart right with sharp insight but my part tonight

Is to play sexy and I will boys try spill my juice right?

Very fly and phat ready to verify that baffle and confused

Wanna win the raffle for a cruise, drink Snapple amused

Think you wanna damage my sandwich which consist

of two buns and true fun you probably all right with this

in a chief caddy but right now need my beef paddy reminisce

over a coke and fries but you wanna stroke my pies but

that’s another story, no doubt you’re above the rim in luck

but out on a limb corrupt when it cums to sex, so like a duck

you have legs and wings a fly guy that begs for my thing you

wanna grasp my waist and smash my lace then sip on a brew

avalanches roll free and like the branches on a tree so look

at the office I got desk sense but the best defense against shooked

love talk is to not let your ear hear the sincere begging that be

going on while the sex juice is flowing strong at a high degree

player try see my point, because a girl needs advice in life

want cake that’s a fact want your lips to make contact twice

the size of waves that splash the shore you fast to bore me

with love talk, possible friction in an hostile position but see

have to struggle with my fate but you wanna juggle cake gee

I’m too befuddle to make a decision at this time, contrary to

Love my mind vary in the club on a prarie with shrub must do

Stuff like chop grass my body get hot fast it’s a real deja voo

Against my better judgement, goona stay legit not gonna play

The hypocrite you wanna lay wit me and get some coochee today

sex is a surprise it and execise of dramatic art then the static start

in love affairs, a girl’s cake help boys take steps it’s the call

of the wild and it all a pile of trouble thrown together tall

and strong like leather but it’s the wrong weather to bring

stupidity into the humidity of love cloud making hay my thing

is to jest duck and I won’t gett my breasts sucked” had wings

I would fly away from this guy today **** is his ding-gu-ling

see my breasts wanna press my buttons and undress me all

of a sudden so bless while strutting boy jest have a ball

a female with fame you wanna derail my train get me to

crash land in bed my body phat where the party at boo?

so my stats soars but had to ditch that hat of yours now

you wear a dewrag, my cake is damp and you ready to chow

oh I must break camp somehow that’s a shock to you Kapow!

A break up taste drastic leave you in a wastebasket but somehow

You must bounce back it’s now a fact my lace unraveled and now

It’s like space travel I float on beds hopes misled a boy messed

Up my head, I’m so hot down there for real wet and stressed

Oh he jest grabs her waist wanted lace right there in that

Hamburger place she was really hot down there body phat

Oh he jest grabbed her waist he prefer lace

His rap stand wanna adapt plans to erase

New circumstance have true romances taste

Freedom having sex her cake indisputable

Kiss her lips and stuff really make it suitable

For a wet dramatic representation so beautiful

Oh his words legit want his verbs to fit

Into her ear his menu was clear love to git

Her in bed he said “look boo I’m a sex animal

But nice my lips kisses, a real slick mechancal

Device for kissing yours, catch grub worms

With my hand gift is plan love girl’s perm

So far living free and my car is driven by

Me voice of marriage no horse and carriage try

Texting while Lexing it didn’t work out

Wanna be sexing under you skirt no doubt

One stroke of my lips and lead your mind

On a dope trip hope to grip your two fine

Tits that I’m online wit, look boo it’s time

to have sex and then he jest kissed her lips

right there in Burger King what a trip

she said “this is an incredible test look

at my tits like edible breasts the juice cook

inside my coochee too fast gonna have to leave

if you continue to squeeze, my body under siege

want an affair with this dame but like an airplane

wanna take a boss spin in my crosswind and maintain

navigation while the bed rock like a ship in the rain

wanna fish for crabs, wish you could grab my love

my panties are soaked, thing so moist and soft rub

it a lot when I shower, make a choice but lost in suds

subject to friction being a public exhibition to become

a winner of this dame you must entertain to get some

see no end to the way you pretend want every crumb

you use hood aggression leaves a good impression

because my panties get real wet that’s not my profession


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