African American History Culture : Step One: Know Thy "Enemy": Involuntary Outpatient Commitment (IOC) Orders

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    the only "enemy" Life could possibly have would have to be Life. ... Life would have to be out of It's Mind to do something like that, wouldn't It?
    that's the only reason they've gotten as far as they have. we have all been going "say what?" ever since the "barbarian horde" first showed up. we blinked; they keep moving - shootin and pollutin all the way!

    reckon it's time we got over the amazement and started trying to figure out what we are gonna do about this "white blight" that is destroying our Home.

    i'd opine that, given that they don't seem to recognize, or acknowledge Life, then they, being Life themselves, are displaying a development dysfunction.

    given their apparent proclivity for invasion, destruction and killing, they show an appalling lack of care or concern for any, indeed, all, forms of Life in Our Biosphere. this behavior has lead to "rather extensive" damage in some places, as well as "somewhat lesser" damage to all other parts.

    Life, in whatever form, is "embued" with awareness and knowledge of what Life is, and how It works and just goes on enjoying every aspect of It's joyful addition to the store of experiences. It does not seek to control any aspect of It's Self. It does not seek to dominate or "own" any aspect of Itself. all aspects of It's Self fully Honors, Supports, Nurtures, Sustains and Entertains all aspects of It's Self.

    this is why we "blink": we understand/live/are this, are they not aware of this? this is basic to all Life. why is it not basic, or apparent to them? are they not Life? did something not get finished? are there a few bricks missing?

    perhaps Humanity should consider this "white blight" as an undiagnosed mental illness in the house. i'm thinking this should be probably best treated as such rather than opening a big ole can of [email protected] after all, that is what Life would do. and why we haven't already opened one!

    perhaps Life would best be served if Humanity issued

    Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Order for
    Observation, Evaluation and Treatment Plan Development for the entire Causadoidal Membership of the Human subunit of Family Earth

    1) obviously out of touch with reality, through not having developed sufficiently to recognize Life in themselves or in any thing else,
    2) thus constituting a Clear and Persistent Danger to Self and Others.

    perhaps 12 or 20 score generations of "going to and fro In the Earth" might be enough time for them to "get in touch with their true selves": the Life that is within ALL LifeForms!

    (grunts and laborers; NOT "slaves". getting their hands dirty, living with the monsoons and `skeeters, mud between their toes and in their hair - the Real Life. no more ivory towers; no more white collar .. heck not even blue collar; unskilled!)

    "visualize whirled peas"

    (the best part is that that title will show up in google searches on this rather touchy/nasty subject within the "mental health industry". the "MadNation" will get a good giggle out of it, and the "professionals" still won't know what to do with it and mess something else up again. but, just maybe, this "meme" might work it's way into the "global consciousness" and grow into something over the next while (weeks, years, generations, longer: Life works at It's Own speed!). maybe it might lead to figurin out this mess without need for more of their
    Life diluting,
    shooting and polluting