Bread Pasta Recipe : Stefi's Svizzera style mac & cheese

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    7 ounces of potatoes
    3 onions
    2 ounces of butter
    Garlic to your taste
    10 fluid ounces of cream
    14 ounces of cooked Macaroni
    7 ounces of chopped up bacon
    Crisp up the bacon in a pan and keep warm
    Brown the onions in the butter...
    add the cream and simmer.
    Add the potatoes...
    You should have already cooked them and
    cut them into thin slices.
    Keep heating
    Add salt and pepper to your taste
    Add in the bacon
    Add the cheese...
    if you can get it 2 ounces of grated Gruyere (or similar strong cheese).
    Mix it all up
    Put it in the oven to bake - around 15 mins should do
    Serve it with a cold apple sauce flavoured with cinammon.
    Should serve 3 or 4