Black People Politics : Steal the Vote By any Means - these were received by voters in N. C. on August 13, 2020


Jul 2, 2003

Absentee or Vote by Mail how are they different? Is a actual vote being cast when absentee is used?
Process to receive ballot might be different but you are still mailing in your vote... that’s why this is so ironic.

"Is this a joke?" Herter said his wife told him as she opened up the mailer to reveal a photo of Trump grinning underneath the words, "Are you going to let the Democrats silence you? Act now to stand with President Trump."
Herter, of Lincoln County is among a group of voters in North Carolina to receive the mailer over the past few days after Trump said that he opposed crucial USPS funding because he doesn't want to see it used for mail-in voting this November.



Voters may vote early or get a mailed ballot to mail back or take to a secure box or office. Most areas do not require a reason. Five states and some counties have all-postal elections.

Vote-by-mail has been implemented in both Republican and Democratic states, but it became a political controversy in 2020. Availability of postal voting increases turnout.

Americans living outside the United States and members of the military and merchant marine even inside the country, and their families, may register and vote under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA). Almost half the states require these ballots to be returned by mail. Other states allow mail along with some combination of fax, or email; four states allow a web portal.

Security of mailed ballots is controlled by using special paper in some areas, and, more often, by requiring signatures of voters and sometimes witnesses. Signature comparisons are imperfect; the best academic researchers have 10-14% error rates. Thousands of ballots fail the signature checks and are rejected. Evidence of fraud is uncommon. While postal voting has a greater risk of fraud than in-person voting, on an absolute level the risk is virtually nonexistent. Not all states have standards for signature review. There have been concerns that signatures are improperly rejected from young and minority voters at higher rates than others, with no or limited ability of voters to appeal the rejection. Processing large numbers of ballots and signature verification's accurately has numerous challenges other than fraud.

In the 2016 US Presidential election, approximately 33 million ballots were cast via mailed out ballots (about a quarter of all ballots cast).

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