Black People : Stay Warm This Winter With Solar Energy ~ Cheap


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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
At this site you will find tips and tricks to keep warm this winter by maximizing the sun's energy. They're not trying to fool Mother Nature but work with her in a way that will greatly reduce the amount of artificial heating energy we must consume during the winter and as a consequence lowering our utility bills with the free heat of el sol..

During the winter the south pole of the Earth is tilted towards the sun so it's really great if you can use these tips to maximize the heat coming in through south facing windows and doors. Here is a small sample of what you will learn:

"A stainless steel mirror installed flat on the deck effectively doubles the amount of solar energy entering the window. Heat is transferred to the house with no losses or delays associated with heat storage and transfer, at a capital cost of around $150 per kW ($0.15 per watt).

* Use sheet metal or emergency blankets to create a solar reflector. Effectively increase your window size at a low cost. Works well with decks outside a sliding glass door.
* Heavy rubber mats on the floor just inside a floor level window can absorb solar heat very well. Aluminum venetian blinds collect solar heat. "

You'll also learn how to build an inexpensive solar heating panel, a solar sponge and lots more.

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