Black Poetry : STARZ SPANGLE BANNER (July 4th remix)


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Fireworkz of erotic bliss blazzin sphere of sensual twist

Starz sparlke from heavenly above
shinning of banners in fircy love
Da spangle of my bedroom boom burstin in air wit melody tune

I'm about to light up da sky never seen fireworks like dis
on da 4th of July my my my !!!

Ya heart will race and body in cold sweat from da bliss

yo sweet heart about to get as da fire ball is lit
secrecy of my vow ya love will be hit
wit a snap , pop crackle trat sending air raids just like dat
from my love bombs of splat splat splat !!!
Body beckon callin for some as da moon smile before darn

pit black darkest of night
until my love bring forth da light
starz spangle banner like da 4th of july fireworkz of heated cry

Peakin for love my my my sparkles will red glair banners burst
in da bedroom air from my tender lovin care i share
I'll bangle wit great perfection make ya sparkle in tis affection
move ya swag in a extreme fashion and feel da warth of such passion
O' yeah it will be a don't stop let it pop go head rock my spot

ring in da 4th wit some eye candi shots make it madly hot
sensual tears of joy through da memories bottle rockets screammin
between all da chop n' screw'd burstin flava chocolate flo

workin da holiday blisser like never be-fo

let da rocket red glair as my bombs burst in da air dat yo $$Richne$$ was there

as we spool through da night colorful love ya never can fight as u lay in pure delight
where da love light is gleammin

things i do will have ya dreammin
and to think of it will give u fits
from da blazzin of my twist
ya heart will be filled in happiness

i'm just a few miles from explosion
from this erotic july devotion
that's now set ready and roastin

see i've burnt down da ole glory written new chapters to da blazzin story
then ur feel my boomin motion waves & explosion
just like deep convosion of love listen )
listen as da re~mix of my love go

 boom))) boOM)))))) BOOM)))))
In the Spirit of Sankofa,

.......Wow $$RICH$$, you da man for real, great write Poet.

Peace In,



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