Black Poetry : Starving mary

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    Starving Mary Part 1
    By Andre Austin

    The Jerusalem City is seized and so says the Jungle Creed:
    That a Royal Starving Mary must take a feed (War of the Jews 6 chapter 3 201-219)
    On any prey at her breasts or near her hand
    She was branded a beast
    And sat at the Cannibal feast
    And learned that her meal was child-Man (Deuteronomy 28:57)
    As she walked knee-deep & bare foot on a pile of dung (see Ezekiel 4)
    She’s getting weak
    Looking for manna (man) mushroom phallus to eat
    Found the Eucharist in a gold jar/plate before the fruit was hung
    Mass up fair ladies drop Manna on your head with no umbrella is served & Rome will win
    Pound for Pound flesh pushing those dupes into a Communion Sin
    Do you eat it hot, lukewarm or a little bit cool
    After 2,000 years aren’t we tried of being played for a fool?
    Let her have her half (Isaiah 44& WOJ 6 208-209)
    The priesthood profits off the other half of the carcass
    Just like the goddess Circe (Church) making tithes as assets off the your Azzass…
    Starving Mary Part 2
    Its hard to understand
    How starving Mary ate her little man
    I’m sure all would agree
    The feast at the Table was like a Shakespeare’s macabre
    Just because your body might get slim
    Doesn’t mean that your taste buds should be grim
    Can’t forget Osiris (El-Ausar-us) who lost his private Joy
    Until Isis cast an Obelisk as a substitute little Toy
    Did Mary take the good portion from this mold?
    Originally I heard it was made of gold
    So if you get hungry again just cut off a donkey head (2Kings 6:25 ; Mark 14:5)
    And Just in Remembrance always recall that Lazarus is dead
    That’s what I said:
    Lazarus is……………………… dead