Black Poetry : Starting Over/The End......2 Poems in 1 post

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    Starting Over

    So again it all begins we mark the beginning of a reunion

    Of fallen souls as heaven froze over this so called utopia

    Turning to hell for warmth they did amid the warning signs

    The Boy dragged his lady with him a far cry from high times

    Now through intervention he succumbs

    To reality which is that there lies two strangers

    Many similarities but a bond there is none

    No recollection of such their history is hazy

    Perhaps the High of the low’s high Oh the irony

    Presently the boy came to a conclusion that there’s a need for an introduction

    An obstruction of the silent justice

    My name is MiKe and I’d like to truly get to know you

    Such a statement sparked confusion & awkwardness

    Who is this guy that stands before me?

    The one that once said screw me only to do a 360

    But nonetheless she complied & talks resumed

    He tried building a foundation the type that could spawn many generations

    Aimed to get to know her establish some clarity

    While she heard & replied there wasn’t any security

    And in looking to the future which was not too distant

    Brewing was a problem which would soon be imminent

    No foreshadowing the warning signs

    All this when they seemed to reach better times

    The past returns

    The End

    After lying dormant in silence the sly fox returns

    Just as the world turns the page in the lives of these two

    No clues hinted at the illusion of fabrications of false realties

    As bad is truly bad by no means did it ever mean good

    All was good between the two allegedly

    Talks of you & I & “we” came to be

    But see the problem being the girl never forgave or forgot the past

    Tears reside as yesteryear still lies in the boy’s eyes

    But he’s blind as it’s his closest adversary

    But the girl sees this and their worlds amiss for she is unable to explain it

    Feeling nothing but pain & disdain upon her ravaged membranes

    For such a wretched soul you can she loved the way he “lied”

    All these feelings she’s dealing with climax one fateful night

    All is bright in the boy’s soul as he speaks with a peaceful ease

    But as the dark dawn succumbs so does she

    She’s over she’s done

    Fear and pain mutual coexistants

    And although the boy did nothing it was his friend that did it

    The saying goes we are our friends

    So say hello and goodbye to me my friend

    The End
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    nice joint bruh !!!