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Jan 22, 2001
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Hello Everyone,

I've noticed a few genealogy forums that are very active. I had no idea that this topic was so popular, until people started adding their link to the Destee Network. It quickly became the fastest growing area, people sharing their research. Here are a couple of those sites:


Doll's Genealogy Site

From visiting sites such as these, I got the impression that starting the research of your ancestry, is addictive. Those who are doing it seem quite passionate about their efforts and goals.

I look forward to starting. I have several family members that are online and I'm going to see if they've done any research. I'm sure we will share our treasures ... more intimately than we already do.

If you have any tips on getting started, please share the wisdom. I'm sure others would appreciate it too.

Also, if you have a genealogy site, please add it to the Destee Network.

Much Love and Peace,

Hey My Favorite Cuz !!!

I'm so glad I posted this message and you volunteered to start!! Oh Boy!!! Now this will be fun!! :)

Okay, I went to and they have a database of surnames chile!! And guess what??!!! Ours is in there like a whole bunch of times!!! here's the link to their database:

Anyway, I didn't recognize the names of the cities in MS and I don't know if GrandDaddy was a "traveling man" or not ... hehehehe :)

Does "Aunt Pearl" have children our age? Perhaps she or they are online??

Yes, I agree that Uncle Marvin would be the place to start. Q is there and perhaps will get that information. I talked to her about this already.

You think we might find out we're descendants of some rich folk that been looking for us?

Welcome to Genealogy Reserch


Welcome to the world of genealogy! Hope your research is successful! Yes, there are a lot of us passionate researcher's out here on the internet. I've been researching on line for about 5 years and find it all very awesome. This make genealogy research much easier. My primary area of research is Macon County, AL and some of the surrounding counties. Thank you for providing another location outlet for us! Much love, girlfriend!!


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