Black Money Business Jobs : Started an game app business and looking for exposure.


Dec 4, 2017
Are you going any social media advertising? We see plenty of video game apps being promoted on Instagram. Also you can advertise your app on other popular apps as well. For example we ran a $5/per day ad on Instagram. We had 50 followers. By the end of the ad we were at 220 followers with solid engagement. We hope this helps with your marketing endeavors.

Thanks DigitallyBlack and all who've responded. It has been a tough transition (applications) for me and my family and I'm not even halfway to where I want to be, but I'm very confident in what I'm creating and hoping to reap some success through hard-work, persistence and prayers.

If any fellow Destee would like to drop some feedback on my latest released app, please tell me what you like and dislike so that I may fine tune the software. The title is below, android release, thanks!

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