Black Short Stories : Starman: The evil in you?

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    when we last left our hero he was enjoying bonding with his new "family" the mega squad and finally getting use to his role as one of earths defenders. But our hero is about to experience a evil like no other, the evil in his soul...........

    *at the Halworth mansion/mega squad base in the front yard of it our heroes are practicing for battle*
    Doctor Halworth: okay team you know this drill, its the battle drill, we split you all up to see who lasts the longest, ok GO! *walks inside the house to watch them in his massive yard*
    *volts team* Volt: ok everybody for themselves ok?
    rest of team: okay
    Frostbite: HEY I SEE CJ! *blasts soundwave(cj)* haah got you baby! *kisses frosted cj* see you with my dinner?
    Soundwave: *mouths d*mn*
    warp: haaah man she got you waoH! *teleports out of a blasts way* they shooting! they shooting!
    Volt: I see em *throws volts at the person blasting* nailed em!
    *person blasting comes out of the bushes, its skullrider, she falls out with her helmet off*
    Skullrider: ok ok you got me. dang.
    Hotshot: i wonder where nike is??.....
    Nike: RIGHT HERE! *speeds up right behind hotshot and knocks him out with a superspeed punch* I got one and uhh cj? *looks up and sees cj frozen in the tree* wow man sydney got you? I figured she would. shame shame shame on you brotha. WOAH *runs out of the way of frostbites (sydney) blast* im too fast for ya sydney! too fast! *runs out of the way while staring at her and gets hit with a thunderbolt by volt* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *falls down unconscious*
    Volt: watch where your going, your a speedster you of all people should know that. *gets lifted in the air* what the psychogirl?
    Psychogirl: *Floats out* at your service *blasts him into another tree and hangs him upside down and gets his hands tied up with his own jacket* Now do you want some sydney?
    Frostbite: how about you chill out for a minute? *tries to freeze psychogirl*
    Psychogirl: How about you cut back on the puns and take a nap in the bushes? *throws Frostbite in the bushes upside down so she cant get out easily* and take this box with you * throws a box at her too* now its just me and....Aaron? come out from on top of the roof! *puts a forcefield uP*
    Starman: HAAH *hits forcefield again and again*
    Psychogirl: HAAAH! *blasts him with a tk blast*
    Starman: AAAAAH! *Gets knocked back by the blast*
    Psychogirl: now that ive won ill Uhhh* gets chopped in the back of the neck by...Starman*
    Starman: sorry but you didnt win baby, i did
    *doc halworth walks out*
    Doc: wow aaron on a primitive level, id have to say im impressed with your violent skills my student, youve improved your control in your powers a whole lot since you came here, im very impressed but i already said that
    Starman: thank you sir
    Doc: now come on kids lets get inside its raining
    *rain starts to pour*
    Starman: Desiree!
    psychogirl: what aaron?
    Starman: sorry i was so rough
    Psychogirl: naw i understand it was practice.
    Starman: think you might need this *takes off starjacket and puts it over her head
    psychogirl: no im fine* makes a forcefield* see?
    Starman: haah i see
    *meanwhile on planet toros deimos watches with his children*
    Phobos: father why is the earthling so important to you?
    Garthos: Yes father why when you have us?
    Deimos: *backhands Phobos and blasts garthos* fools, the child has freakish power. with him as my weapon i could finally destroy supersoldier and that planet.
    Phobos: but what if Cosmokhan or Kusanagi interefere??
    Deimos: my son, by the time that we have the starboy on our side, he will have them all running scared
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    Not bad Froggy1.

    Keep flowing the story line it has some great potential.
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    nice story bruh !
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    * some of our heroes get ready to have fun in the city*
    Psychogirl: hey guys you ready?
    Frostbite starman and soundwave: yea were coming
    nike: where yall going?
    Starman: the mall just getting out of here you know man
    Nike: oh i see, bring me back some cookies or sumpin man
    Starman: alright nike
    *the four kids leave*
    * four hours of fun later at the mall*
    Starman: man that arcade mcdonalds and the movie was fun hey, uh i gotta
    psychogirl: go to teh bathroom i know go aaron
    Starman: alright seeya!*goes superfast*
    Frostbite: you know whats weird?
    Soundwave: what?
    Frostbite; people arent afraid of us that much anymore
    Psychogirl: ever since aaron fought royal x*, but the nightmares hes been having are something else
    Soundwave: thats why hes been waking up and hanging out on the roof in his draws?
    Psychogirl: yea, me and the doc talked to him about them and he says the same thing happens again and again, it was that day all over he didnt stop andrew from dying, he always wakes up wishing he did
    Frostbite: i understand, if it was my brother id be pretty messed up right now too
    Soundwave: yeah i know
    Psychogirl: but the weirdest part is, that aaron said royal x said aaron was as bad as him and that he should stop with the superhero "act"
    Frostbite: no aaron is a hero and he knows it....right?
    Soundwave: yeah he is thats what im saying he shouldnt let someone that evil get to him, but what if it ....
    Psychogirl: dont even say that! hey here he comes
    *starman comes over to them*
    Starman: ok guys im ready to go
    Psychogirl: then lets go!
    Frostbite: i got nikes cookies too!
    Psychogirl: i know
    *back at the mansion*
    Starman: we are BACK!
    Nike: got my???
    Psychogirl and Frostbite: cookies? *frostbite throws him the bag*
    Nike: COOKIES* grabs bag and gobbles them*
    Hotshot: chill wildboy chill
    Starman: ok hey guys im tired im going to sleep
    Psychogirl: alright see you in the morning
    *later that night when everybody is asleep a purple beam teleports starman to TOROS, HOME OF DEIMOS*
    Starman: huh waitaminute whoareyou? *half asleep*
    starman: to what?
    Deimos: the domination of earth
    Starman: no i wont let you!
    Deimos: always vigilant ever the fighter huh? make you very useful. GIVE IN CHILD *deimos puts a purple halo over aarons head and aaron falls unconscious*
    Starman: uhhhh
    Deimos: REAWAKEN, AS MY HARBINGER OF DEATH!*gives him some armor thats silver
    Starman: *eyes purple and in a new uniform thats silver* yes, father
    Deimos: EXCELLENT!
    *meanwhile back on earth in the morning*
    Psychogirl: aaron? *opens his door* HES NOT HERE AARON!
    Hothsot: not here either *checks his room*
    Skullrider: not anywhere
    Nike: what happened?
    Frostbite: somethings upppp.......
    part two coming soon
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    I glad I got around to reading this. This is good stuff!