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I like her. She's intelligent, proactive, and has a lot of good ideas....and a beautiful woman to boot. I know the term "Black Conservative" ruffle feathers for many...but concerning her ideas and the policies she endorse, What say you?

Star Parker for Congress

I mean no disrespect to you or anyone here but. after certain issues, germain to the African American and global African community; are explained and rehashed over and over month after month sometimes we have a tendency to post a thread regarding something as though it is...uhm ..


IMHO and in the anlysis of the term conservative

the NOI(who has run from the FOI republicans for office in the past)
the Ausar Auset community
Isrealite Nations for Jesus
and Isrealite Hebrews

are all to the American definiton conservative

1 they believe in pulling oneself up from their
2 reg religious service
3 good grades for children in school and parent involvement with school staff
4 anti gay
5 anti abortion
6 anti big government
7 capitalist
8 and free enterprise

So Black folks realy have no hangup about that term if it was meant to intimidate,
however what is intimidating,
is mentioning how the sister looks and disregading the number of sisters here at Destee, and the numerous Black women in politics in either party,
who worked hard to make white folks realize they are not sex objects
and should be judged by their wisdom, skills and talents and that appearance has no criteria in regards to their campaign or platform.

Now what seems IMHO to be insulting and like a Juan Williams statement,
is to come to a Black discussion boad, that more than the other 6 discussion boards on the internet,
discusses real issues concerning the Black community in detail,
to not present her platform regarding
any issue what so ever,

and please no links.
What is your understanding of her agenda and platform?
already tried.....

Parker believes that the economic recovery and the restoration of jobs will not be the result of government spending,
but rather private industry being relieved of high taxes and backbreaking government regulations

taxes were lowered and regulations were done away with during the bush years.
the result was an economic disaster and many jobs lost.

ms parker did not notice?


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