Black People : Standardized Tests or real Education? whats the Emphasis?

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    No Child Left Behind, was the Brainchild of a brainless president,
    and like the three heros of the Wizrd of Oz, this Texan,

    had no brain; did not allow real educators to formulate a cogent strategy to improve the general learning environment to stimulate students to seek higher grades

    had no heart; shoved this test only based system down the throats of parents

    and no courage; the evaluations of the tests the writing and dissemination process was left to cronies in corporations and not to real; educators

    So realy why would after 8 years, would this privatly funded system still be the basis of national education?

    Take problem solving out of math classes and what do you have left?

    Take lab out of the science classes and what do you have left?

    Take essay writing out of English and language arts classes and what do you have left?

    The modalities and processes that stimulate not just thinking but creative thinking have been removed and what is left are courses taught by rote,
    and it is said in some cases taechers are actualy given a script, as a cut and dry formula to teach their students

    A computer can hold and absorb and then relay back anything but it cannot think and above all cannot think creativly.

    So realy what are they doing to the childrn held up in these buidings for3 hours
    Today on "Wake Up Call" WBAI, with Sister Esther Arma ,
    the president of the UFT stated that a Havard auditor reviewed the tests given as standardized and found them to be fraudulent and fallable,

    and with charter schools, managed by private industy, and some exceeding and some behind the grade score levels of the reg public schools,
    lotteries are used in the Black communities across the nation permiting only a small minority of the communities children entrance,
    at the same time that schools are being closed, in massive numbers.

    When do we understand the con game here and plan to collectively Do For Self?