Black Poetry : STAND UP...the never ending struggle continues.


Jul 2, 2003
Very good scribe. So much truth. Never ever forget your past. Keep up the never ending struggle.

" No chains around my feet, but I'm not free I know I am bound here in captivity And I've never known happiness, and I've never known sweet caresses Still, I be always laughing like a clown Won't someone help me? Cause, sweet life, I've, I've got to pick myself from off the ground, yeah In this here concrete jungle, I say, what do you got for me now? Concrete jungle, oh, why won't you let me be now? " .....BOB MARLEY

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Peace and Blessings Beloved! Welcome Home! :yaay: :yaay: :yaay:
Please Ask God to bless me in finances and better circumstances. I'm trying to move forward with my life and a better career. I need prayer warriors out there to save a prayer for Clifford. I was staying with my folks during my time of studies