Black Short Stories : Stalking (True Story)

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    She was a female in her early twenties black and used the internet to do it. We contacted via internet emailing about pure discussion only. She approached me with the line as many will do "I am a virgin" so trust could be established between her and I. I did not know at that time she was a maniac and bi-polar until several weeks later she admitted to it. It was thought of as friendly conversation at first. Then it escalated into a "love fantasy" as she thought my poetry was targeting her. I told her repeatedly it was not about her but then I asked why and how. Everytime she answered she would reverse psychology on me as if I did it to her. What i did to her? Love her. So I admitted it was "all love" and not "personal love". Though, I should have known never ever tell a female about anything of "love" as some are truly crazy hiding in secrecy. She became a fanatic of my words though my words were an outlet of my expression about life. She thought every word I wrote on the internet were a communication signal to her as if me and her were communicating indirectly through writings. She would email me out of the blue after I told her to leave me alone. She wanted a relationship but in my heart I knew it was not possible cause obviously I had other plans to go on in my life without no-one. I even faked my interest purposely and she knew it as I overloaded the promises and upfront ludicrous talks of family with a quick marriage and etc. It scared her off I thought...but she came back out of the blue "thinking" I had emailed her knowing if emails are tracked then proof would show I never did; she created those thoughts in her mind. Now at this point in time I did not know if she was a maniac and bi-polar as she told me just a few days ago. Now why would i believe her about the maniac and bi-polar stories? I didn't cause after all the stories she told me nothing matched up. She would switch from us being lovers to friends due to her secret problems she could not tell nobody about. I honestly had no idea where all of this was coming from but as a good man i thought about this...if other people from my hometown plus far and near thought enough of me to be a listener then indeed I will listen to the lost soul. I gave her advice on how to outlet some of her problems to actually leave me alone but she figured that out too. It was no way I could put it until one day I decided to catch her in her own lies. She admitted she had a previous internet relationship with a person from north carolina though I did not "intend" on having a relationship with her at all, i only agreed to the fantasy to find out whether or not she was actually stalking me. She even had the nerve to email me about most of my words you know? She admitted she called me up once and I told her i figured it was her, even though I didn't. My number was specifically noted for business use only just like in the yellow pages. So I would consider her phone call either a prank call or just plain ole surveillance. I even went further to ask if she wanted to do business via with publishing separately as there are instructions for it cause authors and etc does it all the time so there were no need for me taking any information of hers down. But you see all of my moves were just to see if she was real about business or just plain ole stalking me. It was nothing personal at all between me and her getting together via internet as she stated that upfront but quickly changed it or indirectly trying to force my hand into saying with emotional typed sentences suggesting I was talking about her mixing it in with her problems from her family so i could empathize with her out of sympathy, therefore creating a "bond" under emotional likes. She knew exactly what she was doing from the get go...the stalker is still out there and I can prove this true story. Either this young black female needs help with allopathic medicine or alternative then again maybe she is a stalker...I will never know and do not care anymore cause it is not my burden to carry on somebody else problems I cannot fix who constantly keep me up in their mix on purpose. I'm tired of her and anybody who thinks they can get away with stalking. People should get put away for that cause most stalkings end up violent but a web of lies cause by severe emotional problems and mental issues. It was never no need to know about me, you invaded my privacy to create an atmosphere of love that was never there...stop stalking me and anybody else.

    (Diary of a Black Man)