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    Hey ya'll I'm new to I never wrote a short story before so I decided to give it a try so...... here goes. Pulease give me feedback...

    "Ring, ring, ring" My phone rang 3 o'clock in the morning. "Who the hell is this?" I asked myself as I rolled over in my king sized bed to answer my telephone that was sitting on my night stand.

    "Yo, who da fu ck callin you 3 o'clock in the morning?" My boyfriend Khalil asked.

    "I don't know baby." I said.

    "You know what" he pushed me out the way "Imma answer dis sh it" Khalil screamed.

    "Who da fu ck is dis?" Khalil said sternly into the phone. "Hello, HELLO!" He screamed again. After realizing noone was answering, he hung up. He then turned the light on and checked the caller ID.

    "Yeah aight, private number huh." He said sarcastically while looking at me.

    "What you lookin at me like that for? That was probably one of yo stank as s hoes callin here. I hope you ain't stupid enough to give them my fu c kin number."

    "Marie please, don't give me that bull sh it! You knew who da f u ck dat was."

    He was right. I knew exactly who it was but I played dumb anyway. That wasn't nobody but Aaron (My ex). Me and Aaron was together for 2 years before he got locked up. Out of the 2 years that we were together, he was locked up for 1, so I guess you can say that we were together (really)for one year. When he got locked up, I was doing the bid with him faithfully. I mean, I was going to see this negro on all of his visiting days. For 3 straight long as s months I was holding him down until one day I went to visit him and found out he was f u c k ing with some bum as s chick named Kresha and the bit ch was pregnant. She looked like she was at least 6 months which means he was f u c kin with her before he got locked up. I was hurt. I was real hurt but I quickly got over that s h it when I met Khalil. As a matter of fact, I met Khalil that same day I found out all that s h it about Aaron. Before I went home that day, I had stopped at the mall to get me something to wear to go to the club that night. While I was walking through the mall, Khalil approached me. Dark skin, 6`2 low cut dark ceasar, stocky build, I mean he just had it going on!!! At first, I was just using him as a rebound nig ga to get over Aaron but I fell inlove with the nig ga and we been together ever since. So far, it's been 10 strong months with me and Khalil. Khalil knew I used to fu ck with Aaron because I told him. Well, he found out because Aaron was sending letters to my house from prison. Enough of me not writing Aaron back turned into him calling my house non stop. Eventhough, when I found out that Aaron had some other chick on the side and I told him while he was locked up that it was over, he still can't seem to understand that sh it. He's been out for about a month now and he's been calling me constantly trying to prove to me that Kresha's baby ain't his but I don't give a fu ck if it's his or not. I still don't want to be bothered with his sorry as s. But, I ain't gonna lie, one night, he called me when Khalil wasn't at my house and I talked to him. Of course he was begging and pleading but I couldn't give into him that easy. If he want me back, he gonna have to deffinitely prove it. So far all he been doing is calling my phone non stop but all that sh i t is about to change.

    "Look, Marie get this f u c kin number changed or else I'mma f u ck you and him up!" Khalil yelled as he turned off the light and returned back to bed.

    "Aight, I'll get it changed tomorrow."

    "You better."
    The next morning, I got up out of bed and was getting dressed to go down to the phone company to change my number.

    "Where you going?" Khalil asked as I was coming into the bedroom from the bathroom.

    "I'm going to get this number changed." I said as I was drying off and slippin on my panties. "I'm gonna take your car. My car ain't got no gas and since you drove it yesterday, you put some in it today." I told him.

    "Aight, that's fair enough. You ain't gotta get all nasty over gas baby." He laughed.

    "Whatever Khalil. I'm outta here." I said as I zipped up my one peice Baby Phat denim suit. I kissed him on his forehead, looked in the mirror one more time, sprayed some oil sheen on my long black micro braids and was half way out the door before Khalil yelled for me and told me to bring him back something to eat. I agreed and left.

    I chirped the alarm to his all black BMW 745 and got in and started the car. Lloyd banks new single "Cake" came blaring through his JL Audio sound system. I started bobbin my head and singing along.
    50 GOT DA MACK
    I made a mental note to myself to tell Khalil to get a system put in my car. He probably won't do it though. I sped off with the system still blaring not even caring to turn it down. After about 15 minutes, I finally reached the Verizon building. Pulling up into the parking lot, I saw Aaron's best friend Tyrone getting out of his Navigator walking in the building. Ty was average, but f u c k able. He was only about 5`6, which made him too short for me. His charm and his greenish-grayish eyes got him pass with the bitc hes. Sh it, I ain't gon lie, he almost got me before I hooked up with Aaron but, I turned him down after finding out that he had 4 kids by 3 different chicks. Too much baby mama drama for me!! I walked into the building and got in line. To my surprise, it wasn't crowded as hell like I thought it would be. Getting caught up in my own thoughts, I didn't even realize that I was standing right behind Tyrone untill he turned and spoke.... "Ooh boy" I thought, "He're comes the bull sh it!"

    "Da mn, looky here!" He said. "Wassup diva? Still lookin good den a muhfuckah I see" He reached to give me a hug I almost declined but then decided to do it anyway and get it over with.

    "Wassup Ty" I said nonchalantly just waitin for him to say something about Aaron or about how me and him should have hooked up.

    "Nuttin much. Ya boy out. He told me to tell you if I see you to tell you to holla at him. Now that I see you, you need to be hollering at me." He said with lust in his eyes.

    "Tyrone pulease" I said waving my hand in his face. "First of all, you got too many fu c kin kids for me and second tell Aaron that he will never have this again. As a matter of fact, he the reason why Im up in here getting my da mn number changed . So you can go back and tell him that. Oh, and tell him to have a nice life with Krehsa and the baby since you wanna be the message boy."

    "Da mn it's like that Marie?"

    "Yeah, Its like that." It was now Tyrone's turn in line. He paid his bill quickly and then it was my turn at the window. He stood beside me and continued the conversation.

    'So, you sill f u c king with Khalil?"

    "Yes, why?" I said nastily with my hand on my hip.

    "I just asked." He paused and then looked me up and down; running his tongue across his top lip. "You know what Marie, I never understood why you and Aaron hooked up. Dat ni gga is a natural born fu ck up!! And that ugly as s girl he was f u c kin with Kresha, that is his baby. So if he tell you somethin different, he's a f u c kin liar." He said.

    "Look Tyrone." I said while waiting for the lady at the window to give me my new number "I don't care if it's his baby or not. I ain't f u c kin with him so it don't even matter. I have a man and I'm good where I'm at."

    "You sure 'bout that?"

    "Oh, Im deffinitely sure" I said. Tyrone shook his head and turned to leave. The lady behind the window gave me my new number and I left out the building.

    Before I made my way back home, I stopped at Barshay's Restaraunt to get my man a cheese-steak with fried onions. Barshay's was the best steak-n-take in Jersey.

    Walking up to the door of my apartment, I noticed that the door was cracked open.I went to reach for the knob but it wasn't there. "Oh my god" I said to myself. I walked further into my place and saw that it was ram-sacked! My furniture was ripped up and my clothes were everywhere!! I checked to see if Khalil's jewelry and watches were there, but everything of his was gone. His clothes, boots, everything was gone.

    "Oh my God!!!" I screamed. I walked into my bedroom pulled my cell phone from my Bottega Veneta bag and was about to call the police before I noticed a letter on the floor. I picked it up and read it.

    Marie, I'm glad you or ya bit ch as s boyfriend wasn't home. You told me if I wanted you back, I was gonna have to prove it right? Ha-ha-ha-ha!!! I'm just getting started. I told you dis sh it ain't over until I say it's over!! Love you girl.... Aaron
    I dropped the letter and fell to the floor. I kept reading it over and over again. I couldn't understand it. I looked at the letter one more time. I began to notice that that wasn't Aaron's hand writing. All the letters and things that I recieved from him, I know his writing when I see it. To make sure of myself, I went into my bathroom and opened up the doors under my sink. I kept all Aaron's old letters that he wrote me from prison there because I knew that Khalil wouldn't find them. That's the only place that I knew that I could hide it from him. I was right. Someone else did this s h i t and I have no clue who could have done it. I flipped open my cell phone and called Khalil. Now, a war has just begun.
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    I like the flip of this story and the word play that had me on edge
    very nicely done and welcome to short stories
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    Dang, this story was fire. I can't wait for more. Stalkers, wow, this is definitely my type of story. Welcome to destee and for this to be your first time writing a story you did one hell of a job.
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