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    Stages In Worship Of Lord

    In the first stage, a servant is sitting and singing on the owner without doing any work. He is asking the remuneration for his song from the owner. The owner refuses remuneration because the singer has already got happiness by singing and that happiness itself is the remuneration. One cannot get two remunerations for single work even if you treat the singing as a work. In the second stage the servant is doing work and is also singing. The owner will pay for his work only but not for the song. The servant is singing while he is doing the work in order to get happiness to forget the tiredness in the work. Therefore, here also only the work is remunerated but not the song. In the third stage the servant is advised to stop singing because his energy is wasted in the song. If he works without singing all his energy can be concentrated in the work and the servant will get more remuneration. In this third stage it is only an advice but the servant is not blamed for singing. Singing is not wrong at all. But singing has no remuneration.

    Similarly in the first stage people pray and express devotion without proving their love in action. In this stage the people are getting the peace and bliss by the prayers and expression of devotion. They cannot charge the Lord again for their prayers and devotion. In the second stage people participate in the mission of the Lord by sacrificing the work and the fruit of the work. While working for the Lord, they pray and sing devotional songs, which give them peace and happiness. Their prayers and songs are not wrong at all. But they will get the fruit from the Lord for their work only and not for their prayers (words) and for their devotion (mind).

    In the third stage they are advised to stop the prayers and expression of devotion by practicing silence and control of mind. The reason for this is that they can store their energy, which is wasted in prayers, and devotion and which cannot bring any fruit from the Lord. The energy wasted in these two channels can be diverted to the work only and more work can be done so that they can get a better fruit from the Lord. Of course, they should not expect any fruit for their work. Then only the Lord is pleased and will give the real fruit. But if they concentrate all their energy in the work only, they can get a better real fruit from the Lord though they do not aspire for any fruit.

    Please note that we are not finding fault with the prayers and devotion. We are only saying that you are wasting your energy in those two channels, which cannot bring any fruit from the Lord. If you control those two channels, better fruit is given to you. If you need relaxation by prayers and devotion, you will be in the second stage. Therefore there is no contradiction because in the third stage it is only an advice in the light of Yoga. Yoga means concentration of the entire energy in one channel that is useful. The root word of Yoga is “Yuj”, which means to unite the dissipated streams of energy in various useless channels and concentrate the whole energy as a single stream in the useful channel.

    The third stage is the highest stage. Hanuman never uttered prayers and never expressed devotional feelings on the Lord as per the Valmiki Ramayana, which is the only authority. Hanuman concentrated all His energy in the work of Lord Rama. Lord Rama also never expressed His love through words or feelings on Hanuman. He also gave silently the highest real fruit to Hanuman, which is the post of future creator (Brahma). Veda says “Yato Vacho Nivartante Apraapya Manasaasah”. This means that the words and mind cannot touch the Lord and will return back to you only. He will never hear your prayers and will never observe your ex-pression of devotional feelings. The reason is that they are giving you the immediate fruit, which is peace, happiness and satisfaction. It is like a self-employment scheme.

    Since the fruit is immediate and automatic the Lord need not pay any attention. But when you work for Him by sacrifice, you are not getting the peace, happiness and satisfaction. When you offer the sweet to the Lord you are suffering with hunger though you may feel it as happiness. But the Lord is not a sadist. He will pay His attention to you and will give you the real fruit. Therefore in this highest stage silence and control of mind are recommended by Gita also (Mounam Atma Vinigrahah).

    In the second stage by prayers and devotion, you are eating the sweet. Why should the Lord pay attention for that because you are getting the enjoyment in eating the sweet? Shall He give you the cost of the sweet to you for your eating? When you give the sweet to Him without aspiring for its cost, the Lord will be pleased for your sacrifice, which alone can prove your real love on Him and then reward you with real infinite fruit at the appropriate time and place. He will delay in giving the fruit since He wants to see you whether you have sacrificed the fruit expecting something in return.

    If you have sacrificed the sweet in terms of business, you will come out with your real color in the time of delay done by the Lord. The Lord is the top most genius.

    At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

    Anil Antony
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    Spirituality as it is given by the Creator is the only Salvation for the African*


    In the history of the "Earth" there has never been or never will be Spiritual Salvation and Liberation coming from any other than the so called African to the African or (KMT) Origenal People of the Earth. We will not be hoodwinked, bamboozled and Lied to any longer by the master of "Tricknology" who has now been exposed for exactly what it is. Let the Indian teach the Indian, let the European teach the European in fact let the total of all indoeuropeans keep and have their so called holy Religions that have only been a curse to the Origenal People and brought them into and under the universal system of "White Superimacy". We are here today to tell you that we are not following you any longer now that we know who you really are and what you really are not. No more will we collectivly bow to your lies and distortions of sanctified "Racism" can keep that for your self. Today we are awake and have with out any doupt...learned and know above all that you are not worthy of following even across the "Street" let alone to our "Spiritual" distruction as we have done in the past while we were put to "Sleep" by you ... we are awake now and never agin will we be tricked agin by you...and enough is more than enough! Your days are numbered and the secrets are made plain and clear to "Us" today as the spirits of "Our" divine ancient (KMT) ancestors continue to bless "Us" with the light of overstanding.

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    Real Liberation & Salvation

    Real Liberation & Salvation

    This physical world, which consists of the inert objects like Sun, Moon, Stars
    Air, Earth etc., is not the world, which is binding you and this is not
    The world from which you have to attain the liberation or salvation
    If you get salvation from this physical world it is called the death

    Death is not the salvation since even after death you are bound by the bonds
    The bonds are not with the physical world but they are with your family members
    It is this family that constitutes your entire world from which you must be salvated

    The physical world is real and it is unreal for the creator only and not for you
    You are a part and parcel of this world and if you say that this world is unreal
    You too become unreal, your unreal world is your own family, which is created
    By yourself only and why this is unreal?

    If you analyse, these bonds did not exist
    Before this birth and do not exist after this birth and hence are not existing
    During this birth also, Sankara told that temporary is always unreal
    Therefore, Gita emphasizes for the detachment from these worldly bonds

    Jesus goes one step further and advises you even to hate these family bonds
    This is surprising but if you analyse, I should say, He is absolutely correct
    If you analyse deeply, these family members deserve your hatred and not love
    The reason is that these family members were very vehement enemies to you
    In the previous birth you stole their hard earned property and fought with them
    Now they have come to collect their wealth from you along with the
    Compound interest, they are in the form of wife and children and you are bound

    To pay them according to the force of Karma Chakra i.e., associated with Kala Chakra
    Payment of loans is Karma Chakra and payment in this birth is Kala Chakra
    The same is said “Runanubandha Rupena Pasu Patni Sutalayaah”
    The three strongest bonds are with money, wife and children and these three
    Are called as “Eeshanaas”, which are the stainless steel chains, which never
    Corrode, the secret in the force of these three bonds is only the force of Karma
    The Karma is the payment of the loans with interest and for that you have to earn
    Therefore, you are forced by Karma to earn the money and that is the spontaneous
    Attraction to the money, the Karma is dragging you to earn the money so that
    You can pay to your enemies who are surrounding you for the collection of loans

    Thus these three bonds are inter related and amalgamated by the force of Karma
    These enemies are in the mask of friendship and love with you and you do not
    Remember your previous birth, which is again due to the force of karma only
    If you remember the previous birth and that enmity you will not repay the loan
    Therefore, by the force of Karma Chakra only you do not remember previous birth
    These enemies can collect their money only under the mask of love and friendship

    These enemies are collecting their money in the form of work and also money
    The mother repays the loan by doing work like bathing and clothing the children
    Such sacrifice of work by the mother is coming under Karma Sanyasa
    The father repays the money by giving his hard earned property to the children
    And this repayment of direct wealth comes under Karma Phala Tyaga.

    But these enemies are not satisfied with simple repayment of their loans
    If a thief steals your money and if you catch him will you leave him
    Just by taking your money? You will torture him and then only leave
    Similarly, you have stolen their property and you tortured them
    Therefore, they have caught the thief in this birth and collect their money
    Apart from that they will torture you by dragging you down from the Lord

    If you progress in your spiritual path and reach and please the Lord
    You are saved permanently and attain eternal happiness here and there
    Now these enemies obstruct your spiritual path and drag you back
    From that Eternal divine benefit and due to that you will fall in this world-cycle
    In this cycle, which is the permanent hell, you are tortured forever
    By this, their vengeance is subsided and they stand around you even
    In your last minutes so that you will be attracted by them then also

    And you will not remember the Lord even in the last minute
    This is the reason why all your family members reach you even before your death
    They reach you when they hear that you are seriously ill, they are very alert
    But you fool! You are not alert about them and remember them only even on the
    Death bed! Is your this world not really unreal? You analyse the fact

    I say this family world is the most unreal world because these bonds are not only
    Unreal according to the analysis of Sankara, but also they are the bonds
    Of enmity and so must be hated according to the Holy Jesus
    You are thinking the enemy as your friend! How unreal is this bond?
    First you come out of this unreal world created by you due to your past deeds

    People say often that the world is unreal, yes! It is absolutely unreal
    But the world is not this physical world created by the Lord
    The unreal world is your family created by yourself due to your past karma

    Similarly, your religion is another broader unreal world created by you
    Your fellow religious people obstruct you from entering Universal spirituality
    Because they are your enemies in the mask of friendship in this birth
    You harmed them spiritually in the previous birth and therefore they have come
    Now here as your friends belonging to the same religion and revenge upon you
    When you come out of these two worlds, which are well and river
    You will enter the Universal Spirituality, which is the infinite ocean
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    I believe only from the King can we know that which it is He wants of us; sometimes we can be told by those faithful to His Way also, but other times we need to know by His word alone.

    So I wouldn't say prayer is wasted energy or that it doesn't gain the Father and the Son fruit, for we communicate this way to our King, as we are still but in the body.

    We need to pray, in faith, to the One who died for our sins unto salvation, and need to sing praise unto the One who was resurrected from the dead to life eternal, that we might know His justification, and His life. without these, we are but living in the flesh once more, not giving acknowledgement and glory where it is due.

    So these are a necessity for the faithful of the earth. That's what I believe.
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    I agree wholeheartedly!!!

    In this world, we become accustomed to control. We tend to allow ourselves to be "hoodwinked" by actually believing that our present & future can be controlled by our own "happy" thoughts; deciding to attempt to box in our Creator, by dictating to others when to pray, how to & how long to pray, what prayers our Deity will & will not accept!