Black Spirituality Religion : Staged Mockery

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    Religion’s biggest seller is bible babble. Truth be known the OT as well as the NT is a staged mockery of the destruction of Ancient Black Civilization – the Real Paradise (eg. Peace, Prosperity and Security) while outlining the early his story of YT inside GOLDEN BLACK GLORY.

    The GODDESS was molded /shaped into The Volcanic Christian God and The Sibyls were transformed into male prophets and the rest as they say is left to interpretation.
    Main Points:
    1. The disruption of civilization
    2. The ?unexplained and sudden shift? of YT people into the vicinity of the Caucasus Mountains
    3. The unexpected return and attack on Black Centers of Civilization by YT people
    Check these references for a clearer picture of what has been stated above and below:
    a. A History Of The Ancient World by Chester Star
    b. The Journal of Indo-European Studies by Professor Marija Gimbutas
    c. The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler
    d. A World History by William Hardy McNeill
    e. The Admonitions of Ipu-Wer
    f. Indian Gods and Kings by E. Hawkridge
    g. The Evolution of Man by Dr. Edwin Grant Conklin

    Page 12
    "...YT first appeared 6000 years ago on the island of Pelan (eg. transposed to Patmos for biblical purposes) in the Aegean Sea , where they had been 'made' by a process known as 'grafting.'

    Page 37
    "...the name 'Adam' (ADham) is a plural represents a group and not a singular individual..."

    Page 39
    "...James Hastings writing in the Enyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, adds: 'the name having originated in a ruddy race (eg. pink or pinkish-red in color)..."

    SOURCE1: Making Of The Whiteman by Paul Laurence Guthrie