Brother AACOOLDRE : St. Peter is the Mythological Egyptian God called Pet

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    By Andre Austin

    The Catholics claim that St. Peter was their first Pope. But this is impossible because Peter was a myth and was the Egyptian God Pet. They share the same functions of being the foundation of Heaven/church.

    Matthew 16:18 claims that Peter will be the rock where the church will be built. Peter is then given keys to heaven. These keys are of silver and gold.

    The Egyptian Pet function was the sky, which was under their heaven. Two mountains (rocks) are with Pet under the heaven helping to hold up the Egyptian heaven. These two mountains are called sunrise and sunset or east or west; they all relate to the sun/gold and moon/silver. Paul is the second Rock/Mountain please see 1 Corinthians 3:10-12. In Christianity the two rocks of Peter and Paul are of Jesus, Ra in Egypt. Evidence of this is found in the two above scripture quotes. Bishop Irenaeus of Lyons (130-200Ad), in his writings:

    “The greatest and most ancient of Churches, known to all, [is that] established at Rome by the apostles Peter and Paul”-Europe A History By Norman Davies p. 203

    For verification of this information please see Ancient Egyptian Myths And Legends By Lewis Spence p.125


    We are all aware that Rocks are associated with mountains. Just think of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Pliny the Elder said; “ Mount Atlas has attracted more legends than any other mountain in Africa. Men report that it rises out of the middle of the sands into the sky, rugged and jagged on the side facing the coastline of the ocean to which it has given its name” –Natural history book 5:6. He also believed that rock crystal formed from moisture from the sky.

    All associations with Er in the Old Testament is with death, dying in the NT genealogy of dead ancestors.

    The legends of Peter and Paul states that they were killed by Romans for their belieifs. Because Peter mythological died first he was given the rock/mountain to the west. The e and r was attached to Pet to signify this. If you read Plato’s Republic Er is the underworld/Hades were the dead temporarily stayed. Some of the Romans and Greeks called it Erebus, the darkness of the netherworld. People claimed Paul was like Hermes (Romans 14:12). All Hermes were called “Sun priest”. The sunrise in the east so Paul’s rock/mountain was to the east. Also when Paul spoke about the resurrection Roman officials interrupted him and said they were familiar with the “The way”. The way is connected with the sects of Essence and Nazarites who prayed at sunrise. The way is also connected to the truth and light in Plato and Egyptian writings. Samson (two words for sun sam and on was a Nazarite. Samson power was keeping his hair (clouds) rising so that the sunlight would never go dim is retold in The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

    The Greeks in their lessons called mountains Atlas. Their Atlas like the Egyptian upheld or supports the Heaven. They also believed that when a person dies his soul or breath went to the west to the moon. This was the Hades in Matthew 16: 18. The keys of silver open up the gates of Hades/moon/west so you can go and rise up in the east with the Golden key of the sun. Pythagoras taught all of this to the Greeks after he was schooled by the Egyptian “sun priests”. We also have in Egypt stone Obelisks with the pyramid top of gold and silver. Obelisks were connected with the sun and believed helped them obtain eternal life in heaven. An Obelisk can be found at the Center of St. Peter Square. There is a tradition of associating the word Peter with a phallus; I’m unaware if its in reference to Pet. Obelisks were considered symbols of Osiris missing phallus. One hieroglyphic sign/symbol for Obelisk is one foot.

    It seems to me there is a consistent pattern of Christianity plagiarizing Egyptian texts and then adjusting names by add or deleting letters. For example: Horus makes “grape water” at a Canal was changed to Cana. Then we have Nestis the celestial water home of the Egyptian heaven is called Nest by Holman Bible dictionary for the word Cana. The nest is a placed were married couple weaved their home together. Marriage was originally between the sun/fire/gold and moon/water/silver. And Wedding is apparently the opposite of receding. Receding is when water withdraws. Wedding I believe is connected with water and the moon in mythology they advances itself to the Sun to become pregnant. Plutarch confirmed this in his Isis and Osiris “Isis is none other than the moon; for this reason it is said that statues of Isis that bear horns are imitations of the crescent moon, and in her dark garments are shown the concealments and obscurations in which she in her yearning pursues (advances) the Sun. For this reason also they call upon the moon in love affairs”. By Plutarch writing it appears the rings of the moon and sun interlock as one (Matthew 19:5-6), merge or interweave themselves together. In Egypt the Nile was in and of itself a Canal. Its water carried black soil that attached itself on the earth to produce crops for harvest. Now I know the origin of the phrase “Did she make a pass at you?” Also the elements of Fire, air and water make up the original Trinity. Osiris, Isis and Horus would take the roles at a later date.

    Empedocles (450BC) called both Nestis and Persephone both water. But both names were allusions to Isis the I and S at the end of Nestis bares this out and Apuleius Roman initiate into the mysteries called Persephone Isis. He also called Juno Isis and she is the “presider over marriage”. But in Egypt Isis as presider over marriage included Hathor (Love) and Neith/Nit/Net (weave). According to any thesaurus weave is another word for Wed. Now we have Jesus at Cana (the Nest) turning water into wine (love) at a wedding (weave or knot tying).

    List of Popes:

    Catholics list a series of Popes first beginning with Peter. Now Peter (Pet & Er) is proved to be derived from the Egyptian religion therefore their entire foundation of the Catholic/Christian religion owes to Africa. When the Pope took power from the Emperors of the Roman empire of the East and West their keys are from Egyptian God Pet. Ra’s Pet and nickname Cat. So now we have Catholics/Cat & Hathor. Cat/sun/gold from east Hathor/Isis from the moon/west/silver; or “Waters of Fire”. The water better be cool or else its hell to pay.
    So right from the rip/start we have our Peter from Africa placed in their history books.
    1. St. Peter d. 67 ( Unreal Symbolic figure head)
    2. St. Linus, 67-76
    3. St. Anacletus I, 76-88
    4. St. Clement I, 88-97
    5. St. Evaristus, 97-105

    There are 259 more names listed I care not to list. But you get the point. This chain of Popes is linked to the sun priest in Egypt who gave them just about everything their religion represents. Don’t despise the root from where its trees and branches grow. The price of hate is loving yourself less.