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    ST Patrick was Black & Mark 16: 15-20 honors it?

    Every spring, millions of whites and blacks celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by wearing green (reptile like) clothing or displaying the Irish shamrock. How many would continue to celebrate Saint Patrick if they knew they were honoring a Black man? In his book, Nile Valley Contribution to Civilizationp.193, Anthony T Browder tells how in 432 AD, Pope Celestine I sent a former British slave name Patrick with an army into Ireland to convert the general population to Christianity. I the process of converting the local inhabitants, Patrick’s army allegedly slew thousands of Irishmen, founded more than 300 churches and baptized more than 120,000 persons.

    The Druids in were known to have dressed in a style similar to the priestly kings of Egypt. Their heads were often adorned with an ureaus, which was symbolic of the Cobra that was worn on the crown of the Pharaoh. Because of this style they received the nickname of “snake people”. Julius Caesar respected them in his commentaries and Vespasian and Titus drove them out of the UK before they destroyed the Jewish temple in Jerusalem in 70AD. The Ureaus snake being associated with Kingship influenced the state of Israel too. The ureaus crown may have been associated with the Hebrew ark (Egyptian ark). The Ark contained the Egyptian serpent crown as a sign of God’s kingship over Israel (see 101 myths of the Bible by Gary Greenberg p226-231)

    The Vatican rewarded Patrick with sainthood and a feast day on March 17. According to Anthony Browder, what is not commonly known about St. Patrick is that the snakes he allegedly drove out of Ireland and into the sea were not the crawling kind but the walking kind. They were Druids, a religious group that allegedly worshiped snakes. The presence of Druids and their snake ideologies were a direct threat to the propaganda development of Christianity in Ireland and had to be removed. On the next Saint Patrick’s Day, how many white people would proudly wear the reptile green and join St Patrick day marches if they knew they were celebrating a black man who freed Ireland by driving dreaded two-legged snakes out of the country and into the sea.

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    The Gospel of Mark 16: 9-20 is known to be a latter interpolation. The most reliable early manuscripts and other ancient witnesses do not have Mark 16:9-20 were Jesus tells his disciples to preach the good news (military victory) to all the world, drive out demons, pick up snakes and drink deadly poison and will not get sick or die. There is only three possible explanations for this later insertion/interpolation to honor Titus who drove out the druids in Europe and is known from his biographer Suetonius to have drunk poison and lived, or this is giving an honor to the Blackman St Patrick or it may be a combination of the two.