Brother AACOOLDRE : St. Augustine take on the term of Lukewarm

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    St Augustine’s take on the term Lukewarm

    By Andre Austin

    My hypothesis that Lukewarm was related to an Egyptian God giving birth/life to the deity Tefnut gains support from an unlikely Catholic source of St. Augustine in his City of God book 13. Here are excerpts from that book and chapter. I found this quote by accident because the 800 plus page book doesn’t index the word Lukewarm. So I was lucky again.

    Chapter 24.— How We Must Understand that Breathing of God by Which The First Man Was Made a Living Soul, And that Also by Which the Lord Conveyed His Spirit to His Disciples When He Said, Receive the Holy Ghost.

    Some have hastily supposed from the words, God breathed into Adam's nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul, Genesis 2:7 that a soul was not then first given to man, but that the soul already given was quickened by the Holy Ghost. They are encouraged in this supposition by the fact that the Lord Jesus after His resurrection breathed on His disciples, and said, Receive the Holy Spirit. John 20:22 From this they suppose that the same thing was effected in either case, as if the evangelist had gone on to say, And they became living souls. But if he had made this addition, we should only understand that the Spirit is in some way the life of souls, and that without Him reasonable souls must be accounted dead, though their bodies seem to live before our eyes…

    But, say they, when the Scripture used the word spirit, it would not have added of life unless it meant us to understand the Holy Spirit; nor, when it said, Man became a soul, would it also have inserted the word living unless that life of the soul were signified which is imparted to it from above by the gift of God. For, seeing that the soul by itself has a proper life of its own, what need, they ask, was there of adding living, save only to show that the life which is given it by the Holy Spirit was meant? add of life after the word spirit?...

    But, again, they object that breath is understood to have been emitted from the mouth of God; and if we believe that is the soul, we must consequently acknowledge it to be of the same substance, and equal to that wisdom, which says, I come out of the mouth of the Most High. Sirach 24:3 Wisdom, indeed, does not say it was breathed out of the mouth of God, but proceeded out of it. But as we are able, when we breathe, to make a breath, not of our own human nature, but of the surrounding air, which we inhale and exhale as we draw our breath and breathe again, so almighty God was able to make breath, not of His own nature, nor of the creature beneath Him, but even of nothing; and this breath, when He communicated it to man's body, He is most appropriately said to have breathed or inspired,— the Immaterial breathing it also immaterial, but the Immutable not also the immutable; for it was created, He uncreated. Yet that these persons who are forward to quote Scripture, and yet know not the usages of its language, may know that not only what is equal and consubstantial with God is said to proceed out of His mouth, let them hear or read what God says: So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth. Revelation 3:16…”