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    For those of you who have sound cards, you'll appreciate the following poem,... written by yours truly

    Warning,... this is erotica

    Garlicsalt99 as K-JiO

    OK, Lets do this the old fashion way. I hope that this isn't too racey.

    (a ruebonay experience)

    Somehow, I thought you'd be spurned, then gone
    Never would I imagine that you could be so turned on ...
    By simple charm, and a poetic vibe
    That rings like the melodic harmony of most African tribes
    Never would I have guessed in a million years long
    That your attraction for me would be so strong
    No matter how much you try to get away, how ever long for
    You always seem to come back for more
    I never could have dreamed, or got at the clue
    That you want my body, the way you do
    I love the way you bite me boo
    Taking chunks of me, as you nibble and chew
    I never would have thought that this could be
    That you could be this into me
    How it is you say my name when your orgasm song is sung
    What is it about me that has you sprung

    Is it the call of cunnilingus that from me your body begs
    The fact that I willingly put my head in between your legs
    Kissing your p*ssy and making you moan
    Before licking your twat like an ice cream cone
    Making love to your coochie, feeling your hips swirl
    Slowly, firmly, licking your cl!t, making your toes curl
    French kissing those lips, keepin' your p*ssy hot
    Going in so deep, I tasted your G-spot
    Feeling the throb of hot p*ssy, so close
    Throbbing to excitement, it feels like a pulse
    The time is at hand, and like a bird, you chirp
    Your p*ssy gives sweet cum, of which I take a slurp
    I feel your legs going every which way
    From your mouth, my name, you say
    Makin' you dance with the movements of my tounge
    Could it be the fact that I give good head thats got you sprung

    Could it be the flashbacks that you recollect
    Memories of our bouts of shower sex
    How I would grab your hips, and from behind, **** you with my rack
    Letting the water roll down your bare naked back
    Bracing your arms against the wall to keep your balance steady
    Holding you, dancing at the hips,... willing and ready
    Gripping your pelvis, filling you with my mass
    F*cking sweet steaming p*ssy, while my body slaps your ***
    I see you bow your head, and feel your asscheeks tighten up
    I feel the warm ooze of orgasm overflow your cup
    In and exauhsted, mornful, yet satisfying moan,... you call
    Call out my name, as your moan reverberates against the shower walls
    With my stinger, you, my female friend, have been stung
    And the fact that you want more, says that you are sprung

    Could it be that I'm obliviously chic
    But when all the layers are peeled off, you see a freak
    One with a freak nature that you want to pursue
    Does the freak in me, brings out the freak in you
    Could it be that I love who you are
    Willing to kiss every scratch, and kiss every scar
    Willing to kiss every part of you
    I've been know to kiss your ***, literally,... your p*ssy,... I'll kiss that too
    Could it be the fact that I do well
    F*cking you to satisfaction,... or at least till your p*ssy lips swell
    Riding your flower, going with the flow
    At times you want to stop,... but you can't let go
    Could it be,... that I let you be free
    Free enough to let you be who you want to be
    Could it be the freak in me, and the freedom thats got you high strung
    Whatever the case maybe,... I'm glad that you're sprung

    Written by: K-JiO
    (c) 2001
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    Hey GarlicSalt ...

    I clicked on the link and got a page not found error ....

    ... uhhhhhhh ... i wasn't going soze i kood hear no erotica ...
    ... or nuth'n like that ... cause i dun read yo' erotica befoe ...
    ... and well ... uuuhhhh ... i clicked on the link to see if'n it ...
    ... uuuhhhhhh ... worked ... yeah ... that's it ... i was check'n ...
    ... da link ... and well uuuuhhhh raaaaa ... it don't work ...
    ... soze if'n you kood git that fixed ...
    ... da famblee wood be mo' betta able ....
    ... to check out yo' artistic 'bility ...



    ps ... i'm going to copy this thread into the Web Sites / Business / Technology Forum as the Poetry forums are for poetry only. I'm going to allow it to stay here too 'cause hearing you ... uuuhhhh ... speak your art is certainly worthy of a small violation. :heart:
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    my whole geocities site is down

    I was wondering why it was that the wav file wasn't available,... it seems that the whole site is down. I'll post the poem tonight, provided the site is still down :(:(
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    OK, I've resorted to postingthe old fashioned way. Enjoy.