Chief Elder Osiris : Spreading What You Believe You Know

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    Spreading What You Believe You Know

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When we spread what we believe we know, when we do not know what we need to know, such is more dangerous than a fool who just admit to not knowing, but claim to believe to know anyway, regardless of the harm done to those who follow such lies and act of deception, just to be impressive to those who do not know what is needed to know to free ourselves.

    I sit and I observe the action that reveal the personality and character of Black people, and I record what I see and I proceed to write and speak in detail, being very descriptive of the spirit I see emanating from the expression of Black people.

    I do not need to make up anything or do research of any kind or add or take away from what I am experiencing in Real Time, the action of a people who happen to be clueless of the amount of information about them that we reveal to the world, simply by the way we act by refusing to act in a responsible way that will send out a signal that all is well with Black People.

    No, we do not reveal such a spirit that will be of a compliment to an intelligence that is Divine, and is in the know about how we portray ourselves before the world.

    We act as if we give less than a **** about the way we reveal ourselves in front of the world, as if such an act is revealing revealing an edifying spirit, while not caring that such ignorant arrogance is hurting somebody other that the one that is acting so irresponsible of self, revealing as if self disrespect is a fashion to be desired of Black people.

    We do not Give one **** how selfishly ignorant such a Mind have us appearing before the world, because we believe such a spirit of self denial caused by an evil Mind, keep us from desiring to be Free and Joyful.

    Black people have been conditioned into a frame of mind that is not natural to Black so call Afrikan People, because we have been told by Lucifer that there have been none among us who have been perfect, so we strive not for perfection again, as we act the fool we have been made to be, concerning ourselves..

    So what do we do in our expression of our ignorant intelligence, we run around spreading that which we believe we know and we fight against that which we use to know, and because our Mind will not allow us to remember that which we need to know about ourselves, we end up acting a fool in defense of that we believe we know, and such a frame of Mind, is what have Black people without a Land to call our own, not even the Land that a Majority of Black people occupy today, the land that is referred to as Afrika.

    Now, again, this is not something that I am making up about Black people, this is not something that is in need for interpretation, this I share come from empirical observation, using a Mind that was in use by our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Black Ancestors, people who were Divine in their thoughts, therefore in their way of life, because they dealt with knowing about all they were qualified to look at, as well as see, and with such a combination of Divine Energy in action, the sense and Mind become integral verification of a formula that reveal what is call the mind expressed ability to know, without a need to believe.

    Because you must see, the Divine Energy is the Divine order of Eternal Infinite Intelligence, it being the Divine Essence in action, without provocation or with a hidden agenda of belief.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    You have some Black people who just regurgitate that which they have taken to memory for sake of faking to know only that which they have been indoctrinate to believe, and may I inform you beloved, a Believing Mind spread only that which it believe it know, never getting to know what is beyond believing.

    So to spread only that you believe you know, such an act is evil to those who do not know what we need to know about the Divine Essence, (GOD) about both Universe, and about the self of the so call Black Afrikan.

    So when you do not know who you are, it paralyze the Mind, and prevent you from seeing Divinely, therefore, all that you end up claiming to know, is all that you have been made to believe that you know, but it is the spirit of the Divine Being that reveal knowledge of Divine texture, which does not reside in the mind of the believer, because to the believer, everything has a beginning and an Ending, and such serve as evidence that you do not know what you believe you know, of that you need to know, beloved.

    Beloved, only a believing Mind will spread doubt about Reparation and the need for Afrikans to be United, and those phony behind separate white man made up states, in Afrika, they need to become Afrika United States, and only foolish Afrikans running around claiming to be so Black and Militant Afrikan, blinded by a prejudice they can not control or properly categorize to be placed in Divine Useful action, it is such an inability to do so, that has made us to be blindly weak, which prevent us from being qualified to Divinely See what it is we Black so call Afrikans must do to save the Black Nation.

    Beloved, being Black is being qualified to see, because if you can not Divinely See, you have been set up to be a fool in your life living belief, because belief require for you to follow those who have told you what to believe, and for you to do that, you must become an enemy to your own original Mind, the Mind that your Divine Ancient Cosmic First Way Ancestors passed on to you, and now you have lost control of it, beloved.

    A Divine Mind will not challenge the need for Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors, a Divine Mind will not dispute the need for a United States Of Afrika, and a Divine Mind will not be a prisoner of the Human Being Mind, the Mind that the Majority of Black so call Afrikans now wear.

    The Human Being Mind is such an evil Mind, not because I See it to be, but by the evidence that reveal it to be, and such evidence is that, Black people have been made not to know who we are, Black Afrikans of the Middle passage is still denied our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, Afrika does not belong to the Afrikans, and the Afrikan people are a Divided people.

    Black Afrikan People no longer Know What God Is, or what our relationship is to both Universe, we know not the Quantum Mechanics that verify the Eternal Infinite Existence of all that is in Divine Order, yes beloved, we are a lost and pitiful people, believing what we do not know and pretending that we do know who we are, today.

    So beloved, do not confront me with elementary Fantasies, spreading all that you have been made to believe you know, because such a mental exercise is of and from the Mind of Lucifer, which cause you to believe you do good by attempting to insult the Divine Truth, an effort that only reveal the foolish amongst us once Divine Beings, now parading today, as Human Beings, because that is what Lucifer has successfully indoctrinated Black People into believing about our selves today.

    Can You Understand That,Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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