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    Howdy from Colorado,

    I just wanted to take a moment to say hello and thank you all for having me. I looking forward to hearing from anyone and everyone. The following is a summary of a book idea I have been submitting to literary agents. I have self published three books through iUniverse with Threkjshanelle: Collection Seven being the best of the three. Please let me hear about your experiences and works....

    Threkjshanelle: Short Fiction/Poetry

    Threkjshanelle is a collection presented in a rare format, intertwining poetry short stories. Much of Threkjshanelle’s poetry is dark and brooding, having been inspired by times of despair, hardship and betrayal. There are softer, lighter moments however that bring balance overall.

    In A Little Vengeance the book’s first short story, Lacy Dane is an ambitious young woman who finds strength after being brutally attacked by car-jackers on the way to her first day of college. Lacy discovers action-packed adventure upon becoming an investigator for interplanetary insurance company, Dupree-Carlson. While on a case to discern the truth behind the crash of a cargo ship, she comes face to face with one of the men who had accosted her years earlier. Though wanting to kill him, Lacy decides to get even with a series psychological attacks. His ensuing anger however, leads Lacy to dispatch him in a savage, yet satisfying manner.

    Love Always, Mi-Esca presents a man whom is still pining for a woman from his past who mysteriously disappeared on the night he’d intended to propose to her. As unexpectedly as Mi-Esca disappeared, she re-enters his life with a perfumed note left at his office one morning. Against better judgement, as he is married with two children, he pays her a visit during lunch and is drawn into a passionate tryst never suspecting that Mi-Esca is a ghost – having been murdered the night she vanished.

    Treasure is the story of Shasteg, a woman who relates to her niece a time when she was a child on the war torn planet of Zortan. She was taken in by a couple when her parents were killed. They treated her very badly, beating and cursing at her. Shasteg makes it a point to tell her niece how her almost nonexistent self-esteem was given such a boost knowing that she mattered to someone, having been sought out and rescued by her grandfather.

    The final story, Jovaan Stone finds government agent Jovaan Stone, an operative for The Edge, involved in tracking down and thwarting the vile, evil plans of Anton Von Stralgenvien, leader of an organization known as Kelleed. One interesting twist is that Jovaan is of Arabian and African-American decent.
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    very very good this is what i call awesome must check you out
    I am now in motion to be published ...