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    By Andre Austin

    The Blackman in the world is often forced to feel that there is a conspiracy of silence to ignore his best deeds and to exploit his imperfections. If a black athlete takes the world sprinting record, the feat is exploited, while his race is ignored. But if a Blackman commits a crime its heinousness is enhanced by reason of the color of the criminal. The reputation of the race suffers seriously by the exploitation of its vices and the suppression of its virtues. The true historian/media journalist holds the balance true between good and evil. For a good majority of the white press history was giving publicity to blacks only for the crimes they committed. The black press was born to write race wrongs, race protest, race progress, and race aspiration. The last time race was used to smash racism was Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics in Hitler’s Germany. President Obama has made several calls to Olympic athletes at the XXX Olympiads.

    With literacy newspapers, in paper and online, owners can manipulate public sentiment. Literacy has two sides to it. Mass literacy was necessary for the proper use of the vote. Another side of the coin of literacy was advertising campaigns. The bait to the advertising was journalist pandering to emotionalism and sensationalism. The level of reading has went down with television and the internet. Papers & TV love to report on extreme views of religion, broadcast people crying/dying and getting caught lying.

    The emotional excitement of Sports is bait to advertising. Sports & Entertainment is also used as a distraction against the masses of the population to get reform from the Government and their bosses at the banks and corporations. I recall watching on television an advertisement of a necklace for $19.90 being sold in conjunction with the 100 anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic where hundreds of people died.

    Blacks make up 40 million people in the USA. How many get paid in Football, basketball, Track & field, soccer, tennis, boxing etc, etc. It doesn’t even amount up to a million. Blacks in sports help a tiny few individuals not the community at large.

    There is an old saying in the press that if it bleeds it leads, and that is the story of those who are in greed.

    I use the media to advance educational ideas. The internet has Youtube it has positive and negative shows just like TV. Being proactive I use the positive information.