Black People : Sporosarcina pasteurii the cause of rough skin around ankle feet?

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    A couple of months ago on pbs After learning about facial mites on PBS I did more research and came across a microorganism called sporosarcina pasteurii. This microorganism secretes/precipitates out sand and calcite and is used to 'grow' green bricks which is a substainable alternative to the traditional ones. They call it a biological cement because once it get wet it is as hard as real cement which is why they use it to grow bricks.
    Since it grows in the sand, dirt I thought that there was a possibility that I may be infected with the microorganism because I grew up living close to a beach and now as I get older my ankles and feet are looking rough and is getting harder and harder to clean.
    Because applying water makes the microorganism act like cement I decided to use dry shampoo instead of a traditional bath or shower.
    So far it seemed to be working my ankles and feet has never looked better.
    After I used a exfoliating glove with dry shampoo and salicylic and tea tree powder, all of the rough dead skin just peeled away. My feet looked like bronze and it reminded of the passage from revelation 1:14 feet like bronze.
    But this is only my personal theory. There is no info that this microorganism infects the skin. So far the only info I found that it's sometimes in the stomach.
    Probably too much info but it worked out good for me and I know other people have the same problem.