Black Haiku : Splenidid Warrior o mine!

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    A warm familiar voice

    A vivid smile

    Celestial, telling eyes

    A remarkable, human(e) presence

    A portentous selflessness

    Extraordinary, brilliant, divine

    Your benevolence

    Your dignity

    Unleashed us from the

    Myth of our worthlessness

    We needed your example

    A stalwart seasoned Brother

    Gallantly educating us

    Living and Loving

    despite my absence

    I needed to see you and

    A Love that soared

    A Love that sparkled

    A Love that inspired new Love

    A Love deeper than Love hoped for one day

    My husband you've filled our hearts

    Your words resonate in us

    Blessed to have received your lessons

    We've known you for just an eternity

    and you were well-known to our souls

    We are comforted by your nature

    Cradled by your peaceful dignity

    I offer Hamadiel and our family my strength

    For I will miss you profoundly

    Our sons have held an angel in their arms

    and Mbibi in thier hearts

    I will miss you too

    You have shown me essential Love

    A Shameless, Dignified Self-Love

    With honor, courageous hearts and

    high regard. i love you

    Resplendent and valiant warrior o mine