Black Poetry : Spit True


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Apr 1, 2001
Spit True

Roam to crews with strong views heard lots home on the news
Don’t recruit fakes they’re real fruitcakes don’t deny my decree
Got a high degree of flavor even after yesterday’s setback, get whack
Like the stock market and fluctuate up and down buck a clown and attack
Frown to the fact
A Soften reject often reflect pity don’t protect stupidity of a new jack
Validity of a violent act
Ate lettuce at a vegetative party consist of a legislative body
Speaker was Jada Kiss even Ralph Nader missed, nose got snotty
Our function is to make rap law in conjunction fake yap is raw
Take a map without flaw, break arms and slap em in the jaw
At home I whirl bottles then roam about the world and find models
On microphones my rhyme throttles
On the block involve to preach, shock rob me of my speech Hip Hop
Is my job to teach others to rip shop?
Ride and smoke dope, slide down a slope try to cope ill with that hill
Scripture lubes eyeballs like TV picture tubes rip ya with attitude and skill
The crew of this train will stew brain and slew the lame dudes with thrill
Garbage don’t tower yall acknowledge the power while college tower over
The rest glide in a Range Rover
Realism no plastic rhythm, offer acid for criticism it’s my individualism



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