Black Poetry : SPIT IN FULL


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Apr 1, 2001

Sweat thru my pores never ignores a threat fight with swords //
Produce faster than spores on **** like a sponge I plunge and absorb
Water then slaughter in alphabetical order on boards //
Ill like atomics when I blast it like carbonic acid for cosmetic //
Purposes smooth pathetic surfaces like a grinder so energetic //
As a reminder roam like a Pathfinder exonerate all means, fornicate //
When I see a beauty queen masturbate on the microphone when I scream //
Abstract speculation in an attack situation in shock when I blend hot cream //
Spit radiation to MC’s play station melt microphones like wind swept ice cream cones //
Cats got an appetite to bite this dynamite I fight every night like dogs do over bones //
Bury tight MC’S smack domes attack homes like hurricanes strike brains //
Spit enzymes that hit spines like rocks thrown with precision aims //
Division claims lives have sex collision won’t name wives it’s religion games //
My style and expression put cats in mild depression like a monkey //
With fleas Not even a donkey can kick these its hee-haw by law it’s funky //
Fiddler of rhyme not even Hitler mind can influence the endurance of this script //
Have a choice to collab with my voice spit moist rhymes like humidity from my lip //
I choose red that’s what crews bled when my blues hit their head like Tales Of The Crypt //
Scary when females trip, no option for this flow adoption of flavor even train rails get ripped //
Kill like a vampire bat when I drill cats with fire stats cook Chop Suey // gluey with Hip Hop //
Some Chinese soup Siamese troop beat MC’S by the group when I rip shop



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