Black Spirituality Religion : Spirituality vs Religion?

Brother Music Producer ... some years ago, i started a thread titled ... Should We Divide Our Spirituality / Religion Forum.

I don't know if you were here then or not, but it probably has a lot of posts within it, that speak to your questions.

Love You!


What do you see as the difference?

Spirituality = ??

Religion = ??

How, when and can they coalesce?

Re-ligion is a man made template and is proximal in its is like an Azimuth as in it ASSIST one in approximating (finding the position of) that which cannot be reproduced by machinations, ie Spirit.

Sprituality is organic and untethered by intellectualisms or cultural contrivancies is the WHAT IS that ideologies and or religions try to reify or abstract.

I think they can coalesce when it becomes obvious that someones cultural construction of religion has become dominant over others and hence its members have completely been thrown off track from "connecting" with *that* (spirituality) which is happening right under their nose. It becomes viable in the case where the masses have been abstracted(religioned) from the organicity of themselves and placed into a proverbial petrie dish in order to validate someones (white peoples') worldview. Religion then becomes useful exclusively for its function of reversing that process and syphoning (rites of passage is a religion; in function) individuals back into a space where they can intimately and individually align themselves with the "naturalness" of "spirituality" and hence culture which traditionally was not separate. HTP
Religion is the same as politics..... it can be one thing one day.. but if that don't work u just change it ........

for example,

no one wants to be a "priest" anymore (hmmmm wonder why) .. so now they're may let em get married..............

I can join a religion.. so long as I follow their rules.......


is the opposite of that..

and when the difference is realized they may be balanced.. and you'll know because you yourself will feel better........

this question seems to repeat as Sister Destee said....

and I just don't understand what's so difficult...

to grasp even.........


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