Black Spirituality Religion : SPIRITUALITY by Sis. Dr. Marimba Ani

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    "SPIRITUALITY rest on the conception of a SACRED COSMOS that transcends physical reality, in terms of significance and meaning. Spirituality enables us to apprehend the SACRED in our natural, ordinary surroundings.

    Spirituality is the recognition of spiritual connectedness, beyond lineal, ordinary, profane time. Spirituality is the apprehension of cosmic interrelationship; the apperception of meaning in existence; and the degree to which one is motivated by such meaning.

    Spirituality is our ability to relate to the metaphysical levels of experience. It unites thought and feeling and thereby allows for intuitive understanding. This cognitive, affective sense is transmitted through collective relationship.

    Spirituality, is a particular vision of a universal reality in which a given order underlies organic interrelationship of all beings within the resultant cosmos. This perceived order is, a matter of faith, is of a metaphysical-essentialist nature. It is on this ultimate, primordial level that meaning is derived, to explain material physical reality - spirituality is transcendent nature.

    In spiritual conceptions while we function pragmatically within a profane reality, that "reality" is never thought to be the essence of meaning. In spiritual conceptions there is always a striving for the experience of a reality that joins all being. It allows for the apprehension of spirit (energy) in matter (form).

    The SELF is conceived as a COSMIC SPIRITUAL BEING, a being that experiences itself as intimately involved with other beings in the cosmos. Cosmos refers to the universe as a unified, interrelated (organic) whole. A COSMIC SPIRITUAL SELF, cannot OBJECTIFY the universe."

    -- From, YURUGU: An African-Centered Critique of Europeian Cultural Thought and Behavior by Dr. Marimba Ani
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    Emphasis mines in bold .......very salient point to make in regards to how the mundane relates to the spiritual.