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    "...The antiquity of Egypt may be said to have ended long before the classical antiquity of the moderns begins, and except in the memorials of myth and language it was pre-monumental. Among the most ancient of the recipes preserved are prescriptions for dyeing the hair. There are several recipes for hair dye or washes found in the Ebers Papyrus, and one of these is ascribed to the lady Skheskh, mother of Teta, the first king on the monuments after Mena.

    This is typical. They were old enough more than 6,000 years ago for leprosy to be the subject of profound concern. A manuscript of the time of Rameses II. says :--
    'This is the beginning of the collection of receipts for curing leprosy. it was discovered in a very ancient papyrus enclosed in a writing-case under the feet (of a statue) of the god Anubis, in the town of sakhur, at the time of the reign of his majesty the defunct King Sapti," who was the fifth Pharaoh of the first dynasty, in the list of Abydus.

    Leprosy was indigenous in Egypt and Africa; it has even been conjectured that the white Negroes were produced by it, as the Albinos of the black race.

    The most ancient portion known of the ritual, getting on for 7,000 years old, shows that not only was the Egyptian mythology founded on the observation of natural phenomena at that time established, but the mythology had then passed into the final eschatological phase, and a system of spiritual typology was already evolved from the primordial matter of mythology..."

    Page 9
    The Book of Beginnings
    Gerald Massey