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Aug 20, 2010
Today I was taught some things from a wonderful African Woman and it inspired my ability to contain and release knowledge. I wanted to share all this with the fam..


I have to now befriend my foods
As an essence of life building an earth
For us to survive in
All the shukaling & jives
For the currents to automatically
Become still
All the time kneading a way
To come around
This circumference
Back becoming who I was taught
As Neteru
Going up
To come back down again
While joining to become
Who our Ka Erector
Helped make our character
With ways of survival built in
Flowing through the still current of now
Joints made with the natural tears
Given by the torn essentials of emotional expressings
Taught from our beginnings
Entering from the unknown
Into the ecological systems of wind
Coming through all at once
Then given our natural food of survival
Is then promised
Whom made tht is unknown
When is always fathomed.
Through the seeing of light
Again known
As the once unknown vision of man
Connected for our wind of desires expected to be.

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