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    The Spiritual Person... (Please forgive my error in the title description)

    The actions of a spiritual person are always in harmony with his words. He speaks only what he truly believes in. If one only observe the lives of most people who call themselves spiritual, he can immediately notice the difference between their words and deeds. While they may be preaching equality, yet they treat themselves as superior from others. While, they may ask people to lead simple lives, yet they themselves live in good houses and wear expensive cloths and ornaments. A spiritual person does not say anything which is impractical. He demonstrates the practicality of his principles by following the words spoken by him.

    One has to make a distinction between scholar and spiritual person. Any person with good memory can remember each word of a scripture and prove anything by the strength of logic. A scholar always supports his argument with some reference of other studies or scripture. However, a spiritual person is a self-realized person whose knowledge has emerged from within. Thus he instead of "having knowledge" has "become knowledge" as his persona has become one with Spirit. Thus his explanation emerges directly from his soul and convinces the person rather than asking people to get convinced because someone has said so, or something is written in a scripture or some study has proven something.

    A spiritual person is the one whose soul has become one with The Source or Spirit. Thus he can know the world from a much wider perspective. His mind is in peace like the water in the depth of a sea. He knows that everything that happens in the world has some logic in it. He can know the cause and effect through his intuition. Hence he is always at peace and does not feel disturbed by the mundane things of the world which are like waves on the surface of a sea.

    Spirituality is complementary to materialism just like the spirit is complementary to body. One who focuses on body can not focus on spirit. Thus a spiritual person is indifferent for the physical appearance of the self and others. He does not identify the person from his exterior covering but identify from his soul. The appearance is immaterial to him. Hence if a person wears designer's cloth and keeps focuses in being physically attractive, he has least chances of being spiritual. It is no surprise that most spiritual people keep beard which actually covers the physical attractiveness of the body.

    Love is the most important character of a spiritual person. He does not hate anyone including the criminal and terrorist. It may look weird and impossible to ordinary man but not to the spiritual person. Just like we all like everything about ourselves including our not so perfect body, in the same way for a spiritual person there is not "other" so he identify even with his enemies.

    The Source has created everyone equal even though we have a unique role to play in the organic universe. However, man put material value on the human being on the basis of demand and supply. For example, the President of a nation is far more valued than the ordinary sweeper because there is only one post of President and large number of applicants. While, there are plenty of sweepers with a few applicants. However, it can not be denied that both are required for the nation. A spiritual person, therefore, never distinguish people based on their religion, caste, economic status or position in the society as he is able to see everyone with the same eye.

    A spiritual person is never in hurry as he does not have lust or passion for anything. A man of passion always have to do something, thus he feels restless all the time. However a spiritual person knows his role in the scheme of things and does what is in the best interest of the world. He is a yogi, who has complete control over his body, senses and mind.

    A spiritual person is always humble. involuntarily he see's The Source in every person or he considers everyone as the extension of the self. He knows that he is merely a tool in the hands of the source, and he has been sent to this world to perform a particular function. There can never be an element of pride in him.

    A spiritual man is the most forgiving as he knows that everyone will never be judged as per his deeds by the source. He will never position himself in the place of the source and judge a person by there own standards. Thus, even if someone has wronged him or wronged other person, he always seeks forgiveness from the source for him. Thus instead of hating a person whose action is not in conformity with his desire or as per the scripture, he shows compassion for all.

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