Black People : Spiritual-Evolution

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    The greatest question (within anyone cycle to mind) is, how can eye (spiritually) evolve some more through my soul mirroring mind into the ever-presence of "the all"? The worse and redundant answer is, I simply did not evolve for defying thy very soul and truly listening to ("theological") mind manipulators that damned its Godly inevitability to begin with... Never defy the over-all in inevitability because then you do "evolve" into a ********* fool, for simply listening to a master of foolishness whose only true perverted desire was to be "the master", which in these egotistical terms requires "the ownership" of misguided slaves through their very stunted mind with and through "knowledge" not of God and/or thy truest unified self. And when stunted, is it not the eternal in God that you ask upon to evolve and/or release you, or do you turn to those who "taught you" to not evolve in order to reach the ever-presence of through theosophical "teachings", otherwise known as a "masters" manipluation? Your very answer...your very answer. There is but one true "arrival line"; deeper into the ever-presence of, and all through thy very center where all within "the all" unfolds into sight from. Never "divide" science from spirituality, spirituality from math, math from music and/or the soul's very artistic expression. Or it is you who will not truly evolve only to become an abomination in the "living"-dead, which in anti-God. Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.